How does Shinobu die in Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer has a large fan base, which is only natural. While most affection is concentrated on the main cast of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, some Hashira do get love as well. Shinobu Kocho is a Hashira who is adored by fans for her pleasant demeanor and exceptionally deadly poison abilities. While she isn’t as physically intimidating as other Hashira in Demon Slayer, she certainly has the ability to do so.

Unfortunately, many fans have become concerned with her standing at the conclusion of Demon Slayer. Anime-only viewers could be getting more than they bargain for if they look for an answer to this question.

Shinobu Kocho’s death in Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho confronts her sister’s murderer, Doma, in the final arc of Demon Slayer, the Infinity Castle saga. The Upper Moon Rank Two demon of the Twelve Kizuki, second only to Kokushibo and Muzan themselves, Doma is.

The struggle begins with Shinobu appearing to consume Doma’s female supporters. To help one of his followers, Shinobu attempts to save her, but he is unfortunately too late, as she dies in his arms. Shinobu then begins to exhibit her fury, especially when she confronts Doma about her sister and Doma makes fun of her death.

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In the battle continues, Shinobu slashes Doma’s left eye and dodges a Demon attack. The two engage in combat and conversation, with Doma recognizing Shinobu as the poison expert he’d been hearing about. Shinobu is irritated to learn that Doma had prepared himself for her poisonous assault on Rui’s sister, and that his own poisonous concoction was non-lethal.

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Shinobu’s poison is neutralized, and it even starts to heal Doma after it has been broken down sufficiently. As a consequence, Shinobu puts her faith in poisoning Doma with such a hefty dose of venom that he will be unable to break it down. Shinobu successfully strikes him, but her ribs and collarbone are slashed as well as a lung punctured in return.

Shinobu musters strength for one final attack, successfully stabbing Doma through his neck with a poison strike. Shinobu triumphantly relaxes as Doma seemingly begins to die from the poison. However, Doma quickly recovers and absorbs Shinobu into himself, eventually killing her.

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