Tokyo Revengers: Is Kisaki a time leaper?

Time leaping is a feature of Tokyo Revengers, an anime and manga series in which it plays a big role. Takemichi, the protagonist of the series, has the ability to time leap and does so to rescue someone he cares about.

Fans begin to wonder if Kisaki Tetta is another time leaper like Takemichi during the show and manga. On the internet, a lot of speculations swirled, but in the manga, the truth was revealed. This article examines whether or not Kisaki Tetta can time leap in Tokyo Revengers.

Can Kisaki Tetta time leap in Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers held a press conference to discuss the Kisaki time leap theories generated byTokyo Revengers. This was only done in the Tenjiku story arc, but fans had their eyes on this when Takemichi’s Black Dragon arc. When Takemichi returned to his own time, he became known as “Kisaki.”

This got the entire Revengers fan base talking, and people began speculating that Kisaki Tetta might time leap as well. Every time Takemichi used his power to travel through time, one aspect remained constant: that Tetta had achieved one of the top ranks in any gang. This was not surprising, because Tetta always had a fallback strategy in case the original plan went sour.

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Takemichi feels that Kisaki has been able to time leap completely. Fans of the Tokyo Revengers loved the Tenjiku arc since it included several narrative twists. One of the highlights was that Toman and Tenjiku battled against each other, with their conflict sparked by Emma Sano’s death.

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Takemichi, the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers, asked Kisaki Tetta if he was a time leaper during this arc. This was the moment that every fan had been waiting for. The manga revealed that Kisaki was not a time leaper; however, he was aware of its existence.

The fact that Takemichi’s mother was a time-leaping doctor meant that he had interacted with someone who possessed the same skill. He also mentioned his knowledge of Takemichi’s time-traveling abilities.

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