Cooking with Paris season 2 release date, plot, cast & more


Cooking with Paris Season 1 was released on Netflix Aug 4. Fans were eager to hear her famous line “That’s Hot” while she cooked up some dishes with celebrity guests. Paris Hilton fans tuned in to Cooking with Paris in order to see if her behavior was as bizarre as in The Simple Life. We’re curious if there will be another Cooking with Paris season.

The six-part reality cooking series has been met with negative reviews by critics and review aggregator sites like Rotten Tomatoes. Cooking with Paris has an approval rating of 11% by Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty bad.

What will in the Cooking with Paris season 2? Is it on Netflix? Check it out below.

Cooking with Paris Total Number of Seasons

There is currently only one season of Cooking with Paris on Netflix, and you can watch it now on the streamer.

Will there be a Cooking with Paris season 2?

Netflix has yet to confirm if Cooking with Paris will have a second season. It is not surprising, as the show was only available on Netflix for a brief time. The streamer will likely wait to see what the viewership numbers are.

According to what critics have said, the reality cooking show should be cancelled. There are still fans and Hilton fans who can encourage their friends and family to watch the show, which will help with viewership. We will have to wait to see what Baking with Paris’s fate is. Don’t worry. We will keep you updated as soon as we learn.

Cooking with Paris season 2 Cast

  1. Kim Kardashian West
  2. Nikki Glaser
  3. Demi Lovato
  4. Saweetie
  5. Lele Pons
  6. Kathy Hilton
  7. Nicky Hilton Rothschild

Cooking with Paris season 2 Plot

The first season of Cooking With Paris includes six episodes at 20-25 minutes each. In each episode, Hilton cooks a variety of themed dishes, including tacos, burgers, steak, and cereal-inspired brunch foods. Then, she hosts an elaborate dinner party to fit the theme alongside the episode’s celebrity guest.

As Hilton and her friends cook their feasts, Hilton finds herself learning something new in every episode. For example, Kardashian West teaches her to clean up while the food is in the oven, while Glaser explains to Hilton what a whisk is. She also learns when to use a stand mixer versus when to use a blender.

How many episodes are in Cooking with Paris season 2?

We assume that Cooking With Paris will be picked up for season 2. Season 2 will have six episodes. This is the same as season 1. It makes sense, as six episodes is the normal length for a Netflix TV series.

Cooking with Paris season 2 Release Date 2021

It’s not yet known if Cooking with Paris will be renewed for season 2. However, if it does, it would likely be in the summer 2022. We predict this date because it normally takes about a year for a Netflix original series to be made and ready for viewing, though it could also come sooner. Cooking with Paris fans will hopefully get the confirmation for season 2.


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