Why Is Snapchat Deleting Accounts And How To Possibly Fix The Issue?


Another day, another problem with Snapchat… It appears that some users are perplexed, as certain profiles appear to have vanished. Many people are having difficulty logging in to their personal accounts and viewing their cherished memories.

Snapchat is deleting accounts, and we’ll look at why it’s happening and how to repair it.

Why has Snapchat deleted accounts?

Snapchat users have been having difficulties using the multimedia instant messaging app, with many reporting that their accounts appear to have been deleted. Users are concerned that they may have lost the important files permanently after using Snapchat to save numerous vital pictures on people’s phones. On December 10, Snapchat support tweeted that they are aware of the issue and working on a solution.

Despite the fact that Snapchat Support has not confirmed why this is happening on the platform, many users are still reporting difficulties.

Ways To Possibly Fix The Issue

While Snapchat is yet to provide direct answers showing how to prevent the deletion problem from occurring, we have pieced together a few ways that could possibly fix the issue.

If you get an error message when attempting to log in to your account, go to Snapchat Support for assistance. Choose ‘I can’t access my account’ as your answer, then click ‘I get an error message when I log in,’ and finally, ‘Yes,’ to submit a support ticket. Aside from direct assistance from Snapchat Support, you may also attempt to fix the problem on other social media platforms.

According to some consumers, they contacted an Instagram account called @account_account_recovery and were given access to Snapchat again.

Users of Instagram are also believed to be beneficial, simply search for something like “Snapchat deleted my account” on Twitter and scroll down until you find a suitable profile.

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Other Reasons Your Account Coule Be Deleted

What if Snapchat deleted your account without warning? According to Distractify, Snapchat will remove accounts of users who transgress their terms of service.

The account will be terminated if it is discovered to have broken the terms of service users agreed to when signing up for Snapchat. According to Nerds Chalk, the following laws prescribe the termination of specific sorts of accounts. nnIf your account appears to be fraudulent, it may be removed.

If you’re using an unauthorised third-party software or mod to access Snapchat or Snapchat services, your profile may be deleted. Furthermore, if you have not verified your email and phone number, your account is at risk.


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