Who killed Chris Chahal in Safe? Netflix ending explained

Stay Close, a novel version of Harlan Coben’s novels has been a success with Netflix viewers, including the most recent Stay Close. Many fans are now binge-watching Coben’s other works, such as 2018’s Safe. Some fans, on the other hand, want to know who killed Chris Chalal in that intense ending.

Harlan Coben’s best-selling crime novel provides the basis for British TV series “Coben” (a.k.a. “Harlan”). Following the success of his recent books on Netflix, the series came back into the spotlight. You’re undoubtedly pleased to hear that the creator has sealed a deal with Netflix, as he has many more series and films in store. Let’s find out who killed Chris Chahal in Safe, as we continue to examine the Netflix crime drama’s conclusion.

Who killed Chris Chahal in Safe?

Sophie killed Chris because he had threatened to tell the police what he knew about the school fire and her involvement.

While she was at the Marshall home party to retrieve her kid, Sophie decided to confront Chris, who immediately went on the defensive. Although Sophie had previously confronted Chris about his drug usage and he appeared to have taken his revenge on the policewoman, he now claimed that he had a recording of her admitting to what she’d done on his phone.

When the two begin to fight, they fall into the pool and she kills him by drowning. She leaves his body in the pool for Sia to discover and, before departing, makes sure her phone’s recording is erased.

Netflix ending explained

In the premiere of Safe, there was a passing reference to a school having been burned down. When her new colleague, DC Emma Castle (Arterton), brought it up, DS Sophie Mason tried to shift the discussion away from the tragedy.

On May 17, 1990, Sophie and her pals Rachel, Helen, Bobby, and Craig set fire to the school to protest against instructors they disliked. The occupants of the building were overcome by smoke when a fire was sparked in the classroom.

On her deathbed, Rachel tells her eldest daughter Jenny about the secret. Jenny tries to figure out what her mother meant when she said, “People are dying.” Her diary hints at an “incident” that she had been involved in, so she goes to see her neighbor, whom her mother was friends with and finds a VHS tape containing footage of an incident.

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How does Jenny confront the truth?

She finds a tape featuring hidden CCTV footage from the night of the 1990 high school fire while using her boyfriend Chris’s VHS player. The pair then set out to discover more about the event by going to Bobby in Heaven, his nightclub, in hopes of learning more. On their trip, they pause at Chris’ home where he met his horrible fate.

Helen tells her that she knows the truth, but that she will stay the night at her home instead. Especially after learning about her ex-boyfriend’s demise and believing that she might be a suspect. Helen has, however, phoned Bobby and notified him of their discovery once again.

Bobby decides to turn up at Helen’s house, set it on fire and kill her. At the end of this season, he captures Jenny again and her father, who is now in a relationship with her late mother’s best buddy (who also appears to be Jenny’s step-mother), attempts to save her. Bobby subsequently shoots himself, and Jenny decides she will keep the “incident” quiet.

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