How to ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ on Google as trick baffles internet users

In addition to being the ideal location to get answers to any question imaginable, Google has kept its users amused with its entertaining gimmicks and games.

If you’ve never heard of the ‘do a barrel roll’ technique, now’s your chance to discover it! Many people on Twitter have inquired one another if they’ve done the much-talked-about stunt yet because it’ll catch you off guard. So let us show you how to do it.

‘Do a Barrel Roll’ Trick On Google Explored

Many of you are undoubtedly aware to what the secret is on seeing the term “barrel.” To see this for yourself, simply search for “do a barrel roll” on Google.

The entire page rolls like a barrel in a circular motion when you click Enter, essentially like a ceiling fan at full speed. However, once you spin the page, it returns to its original location. You may do so by repeating the words in the search bar once more.

Some Interesting Facts About The Feature

The technique barrel roll has previously been used on many platforms and in a variety of scenarios, and it was made available to the public on Google long before then. The Victory Formation was first used during World War I as an aerial dogfight maneuver and years later became a move in the Super Nintendo game Star Fox.

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The barrel roll trick, on the other hand, is only available on Google’s search page and does not apply to the results pages.

Other Fun Features

There are more tricks on Google similar to ‘do a barrel’.

How to spell askew – This is another approach that you should experiment with. When you input ‘askew’ in Google and press enter, the page will tilt. The phrases and other choices on the page are also labeled.

Google sphere – If you’ve experienced motion sickness in the past, this method isn’t for you. When you type “Google sphere” and click on “I’m feeling lucky,” all of your browser tabs float for a few seconds.

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