What happened to Ronnie Coleman? Injuries and surgeries explained

On Thursday, July 27, five years after they married, Ronnie Coleman spent his anniversary with his wife, personal trainer Susan Williamson. In the last five years a lot has changed. What caused Ronnie Coleman’s downfall in those five years? How many operations has he had?

What happened to Ronnie Coleman?

Ronnie Coleman, eight-time Mr Olympia and legendary bodybuilder, has been in and out of the hospital several times during the last few years.

In February 2018, Coleman went into hospital “to have his intestines removed and replaced,” then had his intestines “reinserted.” The Tennessee School for the Blind (TSB) received a new shipment of Coleman fuel stoves, including one donated by the SRCSS Supplements. They stated, “he wanted to crack a grin and extend his hand.””

More surgeries to come

In September 2019, Coleman had his tenth surgery to repair four fractured screws (as in, those ones from 2018). “Say y’all please say a prayer for ya boy,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Many of Coleman’s injuries were caused during his time in competitive bodybuilding. In 2004, he revealed that it was his third operation within a year. How much did those three surgeries cost? $2 million.

Coleman back in hospital in 2020

A typical doctor’s visit in January 2020 to get x-rays on his hips turned into a “minor surgery” appointment.

In the video, Coleman says, “Here we go again. I’m on my way right now. You guys say a prayer for the old man.” Various publications have stated that Coleman is “crippled” and potentially “paralysed.”

However, he appeared to bounce back every time, including going to the gym “all alone” on Christmas Day in order to train.

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2020: ‘I might never walk again’

Following that, in June 2020, Ronnie Coleman stated that he may never be able to walk again. He placed the blame for his condition at least in part on the surgeon who performed his most recent operation.

Ronnie says in a video interview with Ron Harris of Muscular Development that the cost of his three previous operations was prohibitive. He went on to say that, “if the surgeon had to perform these operations immediately, I would have been able to walk for a long time ago!”

Is Ronnie Coleman bodybuilding in 2022?

He can be seen training his leg muscles in one of Coleman’s most recent Instagram postings. It looks like he’s keeping to type.

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