TikTok Cougar Meaning Explained: Here’s What We Know

What does the term “Cougar” imply on TikTok? A new trend inspired by the word has swept social media, with people either loving it or despising it. On TikTok, users may upload videos up to 3 minutes long, making it a haven for entertainment. An app with a billion users is more likely to go viral than an obscure game that surely won’t be played.

The Cougar phrase has been used several times on the platform, making it a trend. Many new viewers are perplexed by the pattern and receive varied responses. Let’s have a look. TikTok Cougar Meaning Explained: Here’s What We Know.

What Is Cougar Meaning On TikTok?

A cougar is a TikTok concept in which older women are attracted to younger men. The term “cougar” refers to an older woman who seeks a physical relationship with a guy around her own age. Older females aged 40 and above are drawn to males in their twenties. In the media, the trend has become the focus of attention as a result of its explicit nature.

The term has been in use for a long time and is now being used again as TikTok. Some older ladies, on the other hand, are against it, claiming that they want physical contact. On the platform, it has received a mixed reaction. While some people utilize explicit language, others are concentrating on raising public awareness of the term rather than using it.

TikTok Cougar Meaning Explained

A cougar is described as an older woman looking for a physical relationship with a younger guy on Urban Dictionary, as previously said. According to etymonline, the derogative phrase targeted at women of advanced age is thought to originate from Canada. It’s claimed that the term refers to predatory cat behavior. The term is considered a pejorative phrase and should be avoided by children. The parents of the TikTok users are concerned about what type of fad is spreading among their kids.

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The Hashtag Cougar On TikTok

Since the term Cougar has taken over the internet, thousands of videos have been produced on it. However, one of the most popular films on the topic was created by Islandking1 with the sound “Cougar in a Car.” The movie, which became viral, has received more than two million views and 63K followers. One of YouTube’s most famous cougars is Amber Haines, who is currently dating a 23-year-old.

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