TikTok Trend: How Did Squidward Die Explained?

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Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants has a deep tie with all of us. But, suddenly, he’s being taken seriously. Many people grew up watching SpongeBob SquarePants and associate him with joy as a child. Despite the fact that this comedy is known for its levity and enjoyment, it also contains some deeply relateable themes. Many children, on the other hand, can identify with free-spirited SpongeBob, despite his youthful appearance. Many grownups wish they could say and do things like SpongeBob does and says. Squidward has every reason to be pessimistic.

To explain, he must be able to resolve many difficult issues with precision. His demeanor is most likely the result of his poor working conditions and inability to find any peace and quiet. A new TikTok fad involving Nickelodeon’s fictional character Squidward Q. Tentacles has started to spread throughout the app, and it may slightly freak you out. People are filming their responses while looking for “How Did Squidward Die?” on Google. People are being traumatized by this film, and many individuals are doing this trend just for fun but we consider it creepy content to display in a cartoon. Let’s have a detailed discussion about all of this. TikTok Trend: How Did Squidward Die Explained?

How Did Squidward Die Explained?

One of TikTok’s most popular trends is for creators to film a video clip of themselves before and after Googling the following phrase on the internet. “How did Squidward die?” claims the first search result, claiming that in a missing episode of SpongeBob SquarePants called ‘Squidward,’ also known as ‘Red Mist,’ Squidward kills himself with a shotgun.

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How Did The Phrase ‘How Did Squidward Die’ Begin?

It began as a CreepyPasta website, which contains creepier material than pasta. They’re, in essence, horror-related urban legends that have been widely circulated on the Internet. The tales are frequently short, user-generated paranormal experiences meant to terrify viewers. This terrible Squidward tale was allegedly posted by an unknown 7chan user from /x/paranormal site.

The user was asked to view a copy of the episode “Fear of the Krabby Patty” while interning at Nickelodeon. The title was changed to “Squidward’s Suicide,” but the animators kept working on the project because they thought it was a morbid joke.
What Is In The Video?

The episode begins with a shot of Squidward attempting to play his clarinet while standing on a chair, before cutting to him playing the instrument badly. Outside his home, he is quickly interrupted by SpongeBob and Patrick giggling. Squidward reprimands them both for being noisy since he’s practicing for an event that will end in disaster.

However, as the audience jeered at him for his poor performance, everyone, including SpongeBob and Patrick, had crimson eyes like when you cry for two hours straight. Squidward is seen in his bedroom weeping with his head on his knees while humiliated and embarrassed. Even though it didn’t sound like Squidward was crying, it had a ghostlike quality to it or sounded like he was screaming or shouting.

After a period of time, Squidward’s face appears on the screen. I’m not sure if the individual who produced the film went insane. Or whether there was a video problem at that moment. But the video began moving so quickly and strange voices started emanating from the background.

As I was running out of the house, the screaming stopped, and I heard a deep voice say “Do it!” from off-camera. And boom! Squidward kills himself seconds later, and the camera pans out again to reveal his remains onscreen before the clip comes to an end.

I was just wondering if the individual who recorded this frightening film is all right, because the footage shows he has some seriously traumatic things going on in his head. No, I wasn’t going to stop there, but I had to do so unfortunately. No! It’s not that I’m afraid; it’s just that it’s three a.m., so please be patient with me. Did you find this video disturbing?

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