What Is The Family’s Net Worth Of The D’Amelios?


It’s not unusual to see someone rise to prominence on social media and use it as a springboard for entertainment success these days. Still, the spectacular ascent of Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio is remarkable.

The D’Amelio family is now the subject of a Hulu reality series known simply as The D’Amelio Family. It’s more like watching the polished personalities on Keeping Up with the Kardashians than it is voyeuristic grittiness, for example, a TLC program.

Although the D’Amelios are happy to be recognized, they do not like the increased media attention. Is it worth it? The family’s current financial situation might shed some light on the subject. What Is The Family’s Net Worth Of The D’Amelios?

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio became TikTok stars

Charli began to rise in popularity in late 2019 and early 2020, thanks to her sudden celebrity. She was a sophomore at high school at the time. Her TikTok dance videos became more popular with no apparent end in sight. Soon, Charli was the most followed person on the platform, making her the world’s most popular teenager.

D’Amelio didn’t set out to have that kind of influence. But when it came into her hands, she took advantage of the opportunity. D’Amelio began posting videos on YouTube and talking more about herself. Soon, her sister Dixie became involved in the content production.

Working together to become entertainment celebrities added a layer to their relationship, as the sisters were not always close. Their parents also recognized the opportunity for this unforeseen fame, assisting the young stars in taking advantage of the moment. As a result, the family became the focus of a reality TV series.

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How much is the D’Amelio family worth?

To begin with, it’s worth noting that when the D’Amelios began amassing this new money, they weren’t exactly starting from scratch. The family is originally from Norfolk, Connecticut, a relatively well-off area. They resided in a property that cost around $800,000, implying there was previously some money floating about.

Through their millions of TikTok followers and influence, the sisters have increased their family’s net worth considerably. By March 2020, Charli was worth roughly $400,000 while Dixie was valued at around $250,000.

The figures have also continued to rise. Some studies now suggest that the ladies are worth considerably more than previously thought. According to Distractify, Dixie is currently worth around $3 million, while her sister Charli has amassed a fortune of around $8 million.

Meanwhile, their father Marc D’Amelio has made his own wealth as the family’s fame grew. He’s also kept his business as a former hip-hop fashion designer with a clothing sales company. According to Celebs Fortune, he has a net worth of around $2 million. The family’s net worth is presently estimated at around $13 million.

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What’s next for the D’Amelio family?

Charli is rapidly approaching adulthood. Fans are curious to see how Charli may distinguish herself from her family as she grows older, since she is the most renowned member of the clan. However, when Charli reaches 18, she has made it clear that she has no desire to move out.


Her parents sold their Connecticut home and moved to an Los Angeles mansion, where they are closer to the entertainment industry. It appears that the family has a story that focuses on all members rising to prominence at once with The D’Amelio Show.

The D’Amelios are the first in their family to go on television, and they may be about to take over for the most well-known reality TV clan to date. It remains to be seen if they can meet or exceed expectations.

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