TikToker Khaby Lame Earn Up to $22K Per Post: Check It Out, How?

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Even if you don’t know who Khaby Lame is, people are undoubtedly familiar with him. The TikToker made a splash in an unexpected manner throughout the world. Unlike other major TikTok celebrities such as the D’Amelios, Lame seldom talks in his videos. Lame’s absence of words is part of his act, but it also allows him to appeal to a larger demographic.

Lame himself is global, and he may not want to turn away any of his potential fans. If that’s the case, it’s worked out well for him. According to Distractify, Lame has become a multimillionaire due to this stunt. TikToker Khaby Lame Earn Up to $22K Per Post: Check It Out, How?

TikToker Khaby Lame Popularity On TikTok

Lame began with a simple goal on TikTok. He doesn’t have to because he rarely strays from his routine. Lame’s response videos to popular TikTok ‘hacks’ are flawless. In his videos, Lame records his reactions as he watches some of the weirder ‘hacks’ online.

The use of ‘hacks’ to learn how to do things faster and easier initially became widespread among people trying to learn how to perform various tasks more effectively, but it has recently gone too far in some cases. Lame takes advantage of this with his deadpan responses.

In response to such a post, Lame simply peeled a banana the conventional way, proving that there is no need for a ‘hack.’ His deadpan demeanor and no-nonsense face are what make his reaction videos so popular. Basically, when most people view stupid ‘hack’ videos, he’s reacting in the same way. He’s relatable — and appealing.

Khaby Lame may make up to $22K per sponsored post

Lame’s hard effort on TikTok has paid off. Brands seek him out for sponsored posts because of his large following. According to some estimates, he may earn between $13,000 and $22,000 each sponsored post. Lame’s efforts on TikTok have already given him a net worth of $5 million, according to Distractify.

Lame is on his way to worldwide popularity. He has a large fan base all around the world, including in his native country of Italy. Lame was born in Senegal but now resides in Italy, where he films videos with Italian and English captions.

This TikTok phenomenon will turn 22 years old this year. March 2000 was the month Lame was born. At 21 years old, earning $5 million is no easy task, and Lame accomplished it all by himself.

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What are the next steps for Khaby Lame?

Despite his widespread popularity on TikTok, Lame’s reach extends far beyond the site. Lame’s videos are frequently shared across other social media platforms, including YouTube. According to reports, he does not have his own YouTube channel, suggesting that he is not being compensated for it.

Cross-posting Lame’s videos to YouTube may improve his exposure and earnings. He already has a presence on Instagram, where he has almost 70 million followers. On TikTok, Lam boasts over 100 million followers.

Lame collaborated with Hugo Boss as a brand sponsor last year. More companies are likely to join the trend. Lame is an excellent candidate for brand sponsorships. He’s likeable and creates outstanding content. He has worldwide appeal and crosses over multiple platforms.

Lame is dating fellow Italian social media celebrity Zaira Nucci, according to reports. She’s not as well-known as her beau, but with Lame by her side, she’s quickly becoming one of the most promising social media influencers to watch. On Instagram, she posts lovely photographs of her everyday life in Italy and has around 170,000 followers.

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