What is the song in ‘she acting naughty’ trend explained?

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A new day, and a TikTok trend called “she acting naughty” is becoming a viral sensation. These videos have the song.

TikTok is best known for its dance styles. They can be very entertaining. Recent internet users were in awe of the food dancing trend, which saw people pour hot sauce and melted cheese over delicious meals, then take one bite to start dancing to a Russian tune.

A few weeks later, a new trend in dance is growing in popularity. Users are now curious as to which song it is.

TikTok ‘She acts naughty’ Explained

If you are wondering what the song is in the “she acting naughty” trend, it’s My Everything by New York Artist B Lovee.

This song is a recent release by the artist and includes explicit lyrics.

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The viral song has been used in TikToks over a month. The dance trend started on October 7, when user “nifty.niiyah” posted a video of herself dancing to the tune. Many users have since created their own versions of the song, mostly girls and women.

Popular videos of the trend explored

User thickbeauty_98 created one of the most popular videos in the trend. TikTok’s creator has received close to 31,000 hits.

This clip shows the user in her athleisure while she moves to the music.

Other videos show users wearing skin-tight attire while showing off their moves and bodies. This is one of those dance styles where hand movements matter.

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Other popular dance trends on TikTok right now

The platform’s new trend of “she acting naughty” has seen the Food dance TikTok gain popularity.

This viral trend shows users pouring steaming hot sauce (HT0_usually a cheese or marinara) over a plate of food, such as fries, nachos or pasta, while Moreart’s Russian song plays.

Gordon Ramsey is the latest celebrity to follow the trend.

Another current dance trend is the “IM OFF THESE MMF DRUGS” TikTok trend.

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