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TikTok NNN Meaning Explained: November Trend

Halloween is now over , and November is officially here. In the month of January an acronym new to the world has been discovered on TikTok and is perplexing everyone.

What exactly does NNN mean? Let’s look at the trend of November.

TikTok NNN Meaning Explained

NNN is an acronym that stands for ‘No Nut November’.

The phrase emerges every year as the annual internet trend reappears.

On Twitter, a brand-run account based on the persona of Mr. Peanut, the Planter’s nuts mascot, has been tweeting jokes about a literal interpretation of no “nut” November. Mr. Peanut seems to be on top of multiple November-based trends, as he’s participating in Movember as well. Mr. Peanut says “say yes to nuts!”

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What is No Nut November?

If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge that has become viral There’s no Nut November has become a popular trend which shows in social media throughout the year, and without failure.

It is about abstinence and individuals are prohibited from sex orgasming, masturbation or masturbation throughout the month of November.

The trend first appeared in 2010, but it dramatically increased in popularity in 2017 , when it became to the top of the charts.

The fact that anyone actually participates participating in No Nut November is questionable However, there is a lot of fun to make fun of it on social media.

Destroy D*ck December Explained

Another viral internet trend says that No Nut November is followed by Destroy D*ck December.

This is the complete opposite to No Nut November, encouraging people who maintained abstinence throughout November to take part in an extortionate amount of sexual activity around Christmas.

Starting on December 1st, the challenge states that each day, you must orgasm the number of times that correlates to that date. For example, December 1st = one time, December 28th = 28 times.

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