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TikTok ‘tongue thing’ explained in detail

ikTokers are sticking their tongue out of their mouths and wiggling it at the camera as part of a hilarious (and weird) trend. Typically these videos are filmed up-close and from a downwards angle.

TikTokers are sticking out their tongues and wiggling it at their cameras as part of a new trend. Typically, the camera is angled downward, capturing part of the creator’s eye and tongue as it pokes out of their mouth. This trend is performed to sounds of a cat meowing and purring while a piano plays in the background. The trend began growing in popularity around Nov. 18.

There are over 100,000 videos linked to the sound. The audio is originally from cat account @Tutiandyuki.

The name of the sound is also linked to creator @Sophishrimp, who normally uses the sound in her cooking videos.

A comment found under many TikToks using the sound is “Türkëë, mrêôw, æh, mœw, RÆH-” which is meant to represent the audio written phonetically.

It is unclear who first started the tongue wiggle trend, but it is becoming very popular on the app.

Actor Sissy Sheridan hopped on the trend. Her video gained over 623,000 likes and 2.6 million views.

This video poked fun at President Trump and his press briefings. It received over 137,000 likes and 788,000 views.

The ‘Toungue Thing’ trend goes viral on TikTok

As you’ve been scrolling through your For You Page recently, you might have come across a lot of videos about something called the ‘tongue thing’.

The videos usually contain people singing the song Don’t Run Away by Tyler James ft. IM5.

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For the viral trend, you have to sing the lyrics word for word to find out if you do the ‘tongue thing’, but what is that?

‘Toungue Thing’ Explained

The ‘tongue thing’ is when you extend your tongue outside of your mouth while speaking. Some people extend their tongues completely out of their mouths for certain phrases, but others keep their tongues inside.

It all depends on a variety of factors, including your facial form, mouth size, the way you move your lips, and how quickly you talk.

Users of TikTok have discovered that the best method to determine whether you do the “tongue thing” is to perform the song from the viral challenge.

TikTok Users are tying knots with their tongues

Users on TikTok attempt to knot their tongue together as an additional ‘tongue thing.’

The aim of the game is to tie knots with your tongue and teeth using whatever string you have on hand. All you need is a piece of string and a goal of tying knots with it only using your mouth and teeth.

It may seem hard to believe. But, according to TikTok users, it’s a piece of cake. It will take time and effort before you get there, but with practice, the results will come. nIt may be prohibitively expensive or difficult to obtain anything; nevertheless , if your aim is for your company to be renamed on TikTok in 2019 then now is the time for action!

It looks like nothing less than magic, doesn’t it? Well, everyone on TikTok appears to have mastered it. With perseverance, you’ll master it!

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