RIP Nicholas Pagano: What Was His Cause Of Death?

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On Monday, a Hackensack University Medical Center was set on fire by Nicholas Pagano. And after 24 hours, he committed suicide by shooting himself. This news is making headlines and being discussed on social media sites. We’ll go through the same in this piece.

Who was Nicholas Pagano?

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement to the press that has been read, “On Tuesday morning, our staff discovered a body of the victim in Waterford Township, which was sought on charges of attempting murder, aggravated arson, enhanced assault, and unlawful weapons possession.

A 31-year-old nurse is said to have confronted a patient care technician on Monday at around 5:15 am in the hospital’s cafeteria. The authorities have confirmed that the suspect hit the woman with a wrench and then set her on fire in the facility’s break room.

A statement that was taken from a witness and read, “Pagano was approximately the true room when a woman’s scream was heard.”

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Nicholas Pagano Death Cause

On Tuesday morning, the body of Pagano was discovered in Camden County. The person was treated at an emergency room after suffering third-degree burns and undergoing stitches on her head.

Although no one was arrested, the arrest of Mike is still considered significant. This news has spread across the world since it was so serious. Carol Macbeth, a resident of Maywood, stated in a press release that the attack on his aircraft “made me shiver with sacredness and my heart trembled while reading such terrible news because you aren’t safe anywhere.”

The assault was so strong, and it came with a health care worker dealing with a pandemic and staff shortages. This is something that will be handled at the workplace; it’s the most disheartening, stressful, and draining experience imaginable.

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