Jennifer Saginor’s age revealed as Secrets of Playboy Premieres On A&E

A&E is airing installments of its latest docu-series Secrets Of Playboy, which is based on Hugh Hefner’s notorious LA mansion. When you can watch the episode, as well as its release date, learn the age of the former inhabitant of the mansion, Jennifer Saginor, and other facts about her and her father.

On Monday (January 24), the network aired the new documentary series, which features ten episodes in Season 1. The ‘Secrets Of Playboy’ cast includes Jennifer Saginor, who resides at Hefner’s mansion as one of his famous girlfriends.

Jennifer Saginor’s age revealed

According to The Daily Mail, he is now 51 years old. Jennifer is a writer who published the book “Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion” in 2006. Her book has received positive feedback on Amazon, with one reader referring to it as “a unique and fascinating narrative.”

According to her Instagram bio, she is now a real estate agent by occupation. The 51-year-old has described the playboy mansion as a “wonderland” for kids. “I used to run into the game room and stuff gumballs in my pockets,” she stated in an interview with The Daily Mail in 2021.

“I didn’t understand some of the lines that were being crossed by adults would have an impact on me for years to come,” she adds.

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Who Is Jennifer Saginor’s father?

Dr. Mark Saginor, Hugh Hefner’s personal physician and close friend, is Jennifer’s father. The residents of the mansion reportedly dubbed Dr. Feelgood because he would regularly dispense prescription narcotics to Hugh, as he was known to do.

She said that she moved in at the age of 12, but was a visitor ever since she was six.

Jennifer states in her 2006 autobiography that Hugh Hefner was like an “uncle” to her and that she would have his butlers cater to her every whim, including a cheeseburger for lunch or a ride to school in the Playboy limo.

A Look At A&E’s Secrets Of Playboy Series

The ten-part A&E documentary series will look at the shady secrets behind Hugh Hefner’s empire and lifestyle. The show, which will be seen through a modern perspective, will examine everything from beginning to end.

According to A&E, the series “examines the complicated world Hefner created and its far-reaching consequences on our culture’s view of power and sexuality.”

Alexandra Dean, the show’s creator and director, has conducted interviews with Playboy executives and Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends as well as footage from the archives to create a revealing look at the man himself.

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