Why was Great Grandfather Arrested In Canada?

An elderly man has been arrested in Ottawa, according to reports from the city’s residents. According to reports, he is 78 years old and was arrested by the cops. You must be eager to find out why he was detained.

You’ve come to the correct location, as we will be updating you with the same information in the article below. He was arrested early Sunday in Ottawa after he was discovered honking his horn; you must be wondering why he is facing jail time? So let us tell you that he did so for participating in the “Freedom Convoy” demonstration.

Great Grandfather Arrested In Canada

The “Freedom Convoy” campaign has been making headlines for the past few days as a result of COVID-19 vaccination orders. Those demonstrations stated that they would not depart Ottawa owing to COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, which have now been overridden.

A clip of the 78-year-old’s arrest has now been caught on camera, and you can watch it above. The individual was identified as being fully immunized, and the police were called to haul him away.

They began to question him after the cops hauled him away. Based on an ongoing investigation by the Montana State University Police Department, a 78-year-old man named Gerry Charlebois has been identified. “He didn’t mean to cause any harm,” he claimed. “All he was doing was giving the tricksters a thumbs up when they asked him to.”

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Why was Great Grandfather Arrested In Canada?

The officer pushed him up against his van, and as seen in the video evidence, he was resisting. In this video, you may notice that Gerry Charlebois is almost on the ground before being apprehended by two cops. Later, from this position, two cops took him into custody.

In the video, an officer can be seen beating a man on a street in front of his wife and children. During this attack, it appears that another person is being beaten. The suspect was taken to jail while Gerry Charlebois retrieved his papers from his car.

According to sources, as he was being arrested, Charlebois sustained cuts and bruises caused by the actions of the first officers. The news has been shared on social media platforms and internet users are enraged after seeing this film.

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