Lele Pons Husband, Guaynaa: Her Relationship History With Juanpa Zurita


Lele Pons is happily married with her husband, Guaynaa now, as of March 2023. In the wedding of lovey-dovey couple famous celebrities came which are, Camila Cabello, Diplo, Steve Aoki, Becky G, Kim Loaiza, Paris Hilton, Logan Paul and many more. The famous couple got engaged in front of tens of thousands of people at Tomorrowland 2022. There was no secret about the couple’s relationship until December 2020, when they made it public.

Their song ‘Se Te Nota’ was released in September 2020 and speculation began to circulate about the possibility of their relationship soon after. The couple has developed a close relationship over the last year and shared a lot of milestones over social media and a lot of hilarious videos in this time. They have shared many moments of joy and connection, and their relationship has only grown stronger in the months since its public announcement.

Lele Pons, became the first Viner to accumulate one billion loops and now she is married with Guaynaa. The big-fat wedding was attended by celebrities such as J Balvin, Cardi B, and other Latin artists. The bride wore a custom-made wedding dress and the groom wore a black coat white shirt and a bow. The wedding was a grand affair with live performances and plenty of dancing.

Who Is Guaynaa?

Rapper Guaynaa’s real name is Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez who was born on September 16, 1992 in Caguas, Puerto Rico. He became famous for his reggaetón single “ReBoTa,” released in 2019 and signed to American music label Universal Music Latino. In 2020, Guaynaa spoke to POPSUGAR about the preconceptions people have about artists based on their appearance. He criticized the use of fake teeth and oversized chains. He is currently signed with Universal Music Latin Entertainment and Republic Records.


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Juanpa Zurita And Lele Pons Romantic Affair

In 2018, Lele Pons dated Juanpa Zurita, Mexican YouTuber who has accumulated over 10 million subscribers to his self-titled channel. There was a brief romance between the two a while ago, but they broke up. A few months later, they were speculated to have gotten back together.


When Did Guaynaa And Lele Pons Start Dating?

Guaynaa and Lele Pons met in 2019 and has been inseparable and often share their love story on social media, since then. The first post indicating their potential romance appeared in August 2020. The two have been often seen together in pictures, videos, and posts, further solidifying their bond and furthering their love story.


When the couple went on a trip to Puerto Rico together in January 2021, their relationship grew and in August, they bought a house together and moved in together as a couple. Their bond was further strengthened when they made a life-altering decision to live together and build a future together.

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