Is Polo G Dead in 2021? Know everything about him

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The Chicago rapper’s last album spent 47 weeks in the UK chart, testament to the power of his raw, introspective tracks. He discusses his journey out of crime and drug use towards being one of rap’s biggest stars.

Every day a battle, I’m exhausted and I’m weary / Make sure I smile in public, when alone, my eyes teary / I fought through it all, but that shit hurt me severely.” Even acknowledging the widespread vulnerability and emotional honesty in today’s rap scene, these are still startling lyrics for a US No 1 hit. They’re written by 22-year-old Chicago rapper Polo G, and taken from Rapstar, the lead single on his new album, Hall of Fame. The track also reached No 3 in the UK in April, and his previous album The GOAT has spent 47 weeks on the UK album chart, with his brand of mournful melodic rap perhaps particularly appealing during the introspection of lockdown. A candid but tense meeting with him shows the reality of those lyrics.

Who is Polo G?

Polo G is an American rapper who is also known as Capalot or Polo Capalot, he is a Chicago rapper with tracks titled “Finer Things,” “Gang With Me,” “Hollywood” and “Welcome Back,” among others.

His recent success means his schedule is filling to the point where our video call gets repeatedly pushed back due to flights and late-night chatshow recordings. When it does happen, the camera shows the ceiling of a car as he is driven to the bank. The disorienting whirl of album promo is taking its toll. “It’s kind of stressful: the constant ‘we need you to do this’,” he says. “But it’s just a matter of me getting back into the loop of the world opening back up.”

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These are dizzying heights for the man born Taurus Tremani Bartlett in Chicago, surrounded by poverty and crime. He initially toyed with the idea of boxing or wrestling, eventually settling on music, which led him out of a period of back-to-back arrests and brief stints in jail on charges relating to drugs and car theft. “Music became therapeutic for me,” he says. “Something that I did [in] spite of everything that I was going through.” Tracks stemmed from “seeing the ups and downs of being from an impoverished neighbourhood, and just witnessing and experiencing death, witnessing and experiencing mental trauma or depression. Things of that sort were making me lean towards music.”

Is Polo G Dead in 2021?

A piece of news has been circulating that rapper Polo G has died.

Because of this information being circulated in social media, many are convinced the myth that Polo G has died. But, we are able to confirm that the information is a fake as Polo G is well and alive.

If you take a look at the dates on which fake news were published, you’ll see that one was released in May of 2019, while the other was posted in January 2020.

Channel45news is a prank website where users can make fake topics and then advertise their site via social media. When you first open their website, it will say You were pranked.

The person who pulled off the prank succeeded in fooling many people. The death of someone can’t be taken lightly, and this kind of conduct is considered to be demeaning.

This has already happened in the case of a number of other rappers, where fake news was generated on the site.

We present to you another instance of fake news that make people believe that others are dead or discovered. Following the rapper’s death XXXTentation Similar news was reported that he had been discovered.

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