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Nya Sigin (Online Bullying) Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, BF, Twitter, Teen Rallies

Nya Sigin, a student at the University of Minnesota in Minnesota, is 14 years old. In the wake of an online viral video, Nya Sigin has spoken out and said that she was bullied. A Prior Lake High School student uses a racial slur repeatedly towards Sigin in the one-minute clip.

Nya Sigin, a student from KSTP, spoke out about her struggles following the viral video. Students also supported Nya Sigin by protesting.

Who is Nya Sigin?

Nya Sigin, a Minnesota teenager, was subject to bullying and racism by a classmate.

The teen was harassed and subject to racial slurs. A high schooler urged Sigin, a viral video, to end her life.

Nya now speaks out about online bullying and uses her platform to help others. Recently, the student spoke to KSTP about the viral video’s aftermath and how she is dealing with it.

A GoFundMe has been created to help Sigin fund her college education. The page states: “Hello everyone! A few days ago, an extremely disturbing and disgustingly racist video was sent out to the most beautiful 14-year-old girl. With multiple threats, the video attacked her mentally and racially.

“She has been fighting racism and mental illness for quite some time now. This video was both disgusting and extremely offensive. The sigin family is one the most loving and caring families I’ve ever known. “No one does.”

Nya Sigin Height & Weight

How tall is Nya Sigin? She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She weighs around 58 Kg.

She has black eyes and has black hair as well.

Nya Sigin BF

Nya Sigin is single and has not spoken anything about her love life.

She is still studying and currently focused on her studies.

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Nya Sigin Minnesota Teen Rallies Against Online Bullying

The victim of bullying has since addressed this video: “It’s just the most disgusting thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” I felt confused. I was unsure what I had done to deserve it. I didn’t process everything when I first saw it.

Nya Sigin also spoke out about her previous attempt to take her own life. She said: “I have finally entered the part in my life where it feels like I’m finally getting over that.”

“This entire situation was a complete disaster and I felt like I was going back to square one.”

However, the teen has shown resilience and joined his classmates at Prior Lake High School to protest bullying.

reports said that the protest was streamed live and witnessed large crowds of students supporting Nya and holding signs.

The student thanked all those who helped her through this difficult time and said that it was the greatest feeling of love she has ever felt.

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