5 foods that’ll bring good luck in 2022 as you ring in the New Year

The countdown to the New Year has begun, and people are looking forward to starting it on a good note.

What better way to start the new year than with a nutritious supper on New Year’s Eve? Apart from eating your favorite dish, you may wish for good luck by eating certain food items. Here are five such meals that are expected to bring good fortune in the year 2022.

Green Vegetables

Greens symbolize wealth. On the special day for a prosperous New Year, various cultures around the world consume greens.

It does not, however, state how it should be consumed. As a result, the decision is yours. You may either eat it as a salad or incorporate it into your main dish as one of the components.


Remember when Gloria Delgado, a pregnant on Modern Family, desperately wanted grapes to begin the New Year without which her wishes would have been in jeopardy?

It is believed in Mexico and Spain that eating 12 grapes at the start of the New Year will bring you good fortune. Each grape is said to bring magic and good fortune into the world.

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In Asia, fish is thought to be a sign of wealth. Some Eastern European cultures believe that the glossy scales on the surface represent shining money, and keeping them attracts more money toward you.

Fish is also a healthier protein source than meat, which makes it a good luck charm. So, even if you can’t fill your wallet with a lot of money, the happy food may bring significant health benefits.


A cake, on the other hand, may not be the ideal food for health nuts, but it has long been a part of every celebration. Keeping a cake at home on New Year’s Eve is supposed to bring you good fortune and wealth.

Dairy Products

In many cultures, it is widely accepted that dairy products bring good fortune and wealth in the New Year. You may enjoy the new year with a glass of plain milk or a bar of your preferred chocolate, for example. It’s entirely up to you!

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