What is the ‘noddle hair’ trend on TikTok and how can you do it?

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The “noodle hair” craze has overtaken TikTok, and you may join in as well! Over the years, TikTok users have developed a variety of fads that have exploded on the site. Previously, adult swim or the milk crane challenge had captured social media attention.

Some users are in love with the noodle hair style, while others have attempted to replicate it on their own.

What Is The Noodle Hair Trend On TikTok?

The noodle hair style sees individuals modifying their hair to appear like a collection of uncooked noodles. In a nutshell, the hairstyle has tight curls that are very difficult to overlook. The hairstyle was originally introduced by Cristiano Ronaldo while he played for Manchester United. Fans from all around the world desired to imitate the style, and many attempted to do so.

The popularity of this style has been on the rise for a few years now, as people experiment with it on social media.

How To Do The Hairstyle

There are a number of ways to accomplish this hairstyle. You may use a curling iron or another natural approach that does not need heat to do it. To create beautiful, curled hair like this, you must first split your wet hair into sections and wrap it with a cloth. Allow the hair to air dry for a few hours (overnight for better results). Your hair will appear to be curled up once you remove the cloth.

While many have tried this technique, few have been successful in achieving the appearance.

What Are Some Other TikTok Trends That You Can Try?

There are a variety of viral TikTok trends and obstacles that have taken off. Here are some ideas for new videos you could make:

  1. The stank walk challenge
  2. adult Swim trend
  3. AI Painting trend
  4. Wear it big challenge
  5. Beer poster trend

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