Who Is Afghan Girl Sharbat Gula? Know About Her In Detail


Sharbat Gula “green-eyed’ Afghan girl from National Geographic’s cover in 1985, has been featured in the news once more. Where is she?

Sharbat first brought her image into the spotlight in 1985, after being photographed by American photographer Steve McCurry.

At the time the girl was an adolescent with green eyes. She wore an red headband in the iconic photograph. In the photo she’s seen gazing intently towards the camera.

The image was a symbol of Afghan people’s struggles because of the long-running conflict.

Sharbat Gula Now

Sharbat Gula, the green-eyed “Afghan Girl” whose 1985 photo in National Geographic became a symbol of Afghanistan’s wars, has been given safe haven by Italy after fleeing the Taliban, Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s office has said.

According to the statement, the government intervened after Sharbat Gula asked for help to leave Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover of the country in August, adding that her arrival was part of a broader programme to evacuate and integrate Afghan citizens.

The Italian government will now help to get her integrated into life in Italy, the statement also said. According to the Daily Mail, Gula is suffering from hepatitis C and told the media her husband died several years ago.

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Sharbat Gula Famous For

Gula became arguably Afghanistan’s most famous refugee after US photographer Steve McCurry captured her portrait in a Pakistan camp in the 1980s and it was published on the front cover of the National Geographic magazine.

Gula said she first arrived in Pakistan an orphan, some four or five years after the Soviet invasion of 1979, one of millions of Afghans who have sought refuge over the border since.

She was deported back to Afghanistan in 2016 after she was arrested for living in Pakistan on fraudulent identity papers.

In early September, Rome said it had evacuated almost 5,000 Afghans from Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power in August.

Italy earlier this month said it had granted citizenship to Afghanistan’s first woman chief prosecutor, Maria Bashir, after she had landed in the European country on September 9.

Italy was one of five countries most involved with NATO’s US-led mission in Afghanistan along with Germany, Britain and Turkey.

A Look At The ‘Green-Eyed’ Afghan Girl’s Life After 1985

The National Geographic cover featuring the green-eyed Afghan Girl became popular in 1985, her identity was not known until 2002.

As of 2002 Steve McCurry returned to the region and found her.

In addition, in 2016, Sharbat was featured in the news for the second time after being taken into custody at the hands of Pakistani police because she was allegedly carrying an ID card that was fake. Sharbat did not deny the charges.

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Following her arrest The mother of four children was removed to Afghanistan in the midst of war. Afghan the President Ashraf Ghani warmly welcomed her and even handed her the keys to an apartment.

How Many Refugees Has Italy Evacuated?

The month of August in 2021 was when Italy said it had evacuated more than 5 000 Afghans. This is the reputedly the highest number of refugees evacuated by any country within the European Union.

The arrival of Sharbat in Rome was just 3 months following the time when United States completed their full troop withdraw from Afghanistan.

In the final days of the departure in the final weeks of the withdrawal, the Taliban were in control of a lot of the country, and later Kabul.

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