Is a group of ducks really called a murder? TikTok trend explored


There are a lot of duck lovers in the TikTok community, and there’s talk that a flock of ducks is referred to as a murder.The days of cats and dogs being the only ones in vogue are long gone. The world now knows how cute ducks and beavers are thanks to TikTok.

A vendor’s cart has been making the rounds on social media with a variety of odd-sounding wins, such as “the most perfect duck,” and more. One Reddit user responded to one of them saying, “This is impressive! It even made it to the top of r/oddlysatisfying’s ‘the most perfect duck’ photograph, receiving 63.5k upvotes.” Because there are 1.7 billion views on TikTok for ducks, it’s natural that individuals would have a few questions.

Then there’s the fact that, well before DuckTales, a video game called “Harvest” was released in which the player takes on the role of a duck with an axe who must kill other ducks and pigs. DuckTales is based on this concept. In addition to that, Minecraft streamer Tommyinnit wore a cardigan with a knife-wielding duck captioned with the word “murder,” so it’s probably another reason why people are asking the question. The issue is this: Is it appropriate to refer to a group of ducks as a murder? Let’s have a look.

Is a group of ducks called a murder?

You could also look on Twitter and discover numerous customers saying they just learned a flock of ducks is referred to as a murder.

It’s true that a group of ducks is referred to as a murder, but it’s not because they’re black. You’ve certainly heard that a flock of crows is called a murder, but the same applies to ducks.

There are many options for referring to a flock of ducks – and it all depends on where they’re gathered. A string or skein is what you call a group of birds that fly in formation. If they’re swimming, groups are known as paddling, waddling, bundling, or rafting.

Why is a flock of crows known as a murder?

The word “crow” is derived from folklore and superstition. Crows have been linked to death since they are blackfeathered, and they have long been observed flying above battle sites, cemeteries, and wherever humans or animals are expected to perish. After all, they’re sometimes referred to as carrion crows.

Meanwhile, the rook, one member of the corvid family, forms a parliament (a group) to decide the fates of members of his flock. Parliament is sometimes used to refer to owls as a group.

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Some other quirky names for animal groups

I’m sure you didn’t know about these other species:

  1. Skunk: a stench – because they smell, right?
  2. Lemurs: a conspiracy
  3. Badgers: a cete
  4. Cobras: a quiver
  5. Stingrays: a fever
  6. Apes: a shrewdness
  7. Swans: a bevy or game
  8. Parrots: a pandemonium
  9. Geese: a gaggle
  10. Zebras: a zeal


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