Chris From Mr Beast: Know Everything about him

Chris Tyson is a member of the MrBeast crew, and he was one of the primary performers on season 1. If you’re looking for the black crew member with the same first name, see Chris (née Christopher). The Last to Leave Circle Wins $500,000 Contestant is named Chris K.

Who Is Chris From Mr Beast?

Chris (born July 1, 1996 [age 25]), more commonly known as Chris on the internet (formerly BeastHacks), is an American YouTube celebrity who has appeared in most of MrBeast’s videos.

He is one of the few individuals who are always on the channel and participates in many challenges and pranks. He also hosts “Beast Reacts” (previously BeastHacks), which is the main host of the channel.

Chris From Mr Beast Height & Weight

How tall is Chris From Mr Beast? He is very handsome and has an amazing personality. The American youtuber stands about 5 feet and 9 inches tall. While he weighs 72kg.

Moreover, talking about the overall body measurement, he has not disclosed the numbers yet. The color of his eyes is dark brown, and he has black-colored hair.

Chris From Mr Beast Personality

Chris states that he is a “country boy” who was raised as a Boy Scout (although it is argued that he too was once a cub scout). He’s the one who does the most labor in every survival scenario.

He’s also an enormous cartoon admirer, which means he can be quite juvenile at times. He has a good and kind disposition, although he may become aggressive when things aren’t going his way.

Chris is the most foul-mouthed of the group. He’s perhaps the most “useful” member during their survival challenges. Chris shares many qualities with Karl (such as competitiveness, a love of cartoons, and humor), which makes them quite close.

Chris From Mr Beast Biography

Chris grew up in North Carolina and still resides there today. Chris and Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) began their channel in 2012, and since then it has amassed over 60 million followers.

On Instagram, Chris has nearly 1.9 million followers, and he is also active on the platform.

Chris From Mr Beast Personal Life

Chris and Katie Tyson are married. Tucker Tyson was born to Chris and Katie Tyson on June 18, 2020. On November 5th, 2020, he announced his bisexuality on his alternative Twitter account.

Chris From Mr Beast Career

Chris still has two inactive YouTube channels: one with no videos known as ChrisO2, and the other with Tysonboy34 as the name.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is a meme creator who has collaborated with Chris the Meme God in numerous videos, including insane challenge videos and videos where they spend money. He also has a twitch channel ChrisO2_ where he usually streams with others.

Chris From Mr Beast Family

  • Chris’s Grandmother (maternal grandmother who appeared in Beast Reacts in a try not to laugh challenge)
  • Chris’s Mother (mother who appeared in Beast Reacts in a try not to laugh challenge)
  • Chris’s Dad (father)
  • Katie Tyson (wife)
  • Sarah Tyson (sister)
  • Tucker Tyson (son)

Some Facts About Chris From Mr Beast

  • He is the only parent among the four MrBeast crew members (along with Jimmy, Chandler, and Karl).
  • Chris is the only one of MrBeast’s main crew, who was born in 1996. All three are 1998 births. As a result, he is the oldest member of the four.
  • He has over 9 million Instagram followers on his “chris_thememegod” account.
  • He was in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2019 Super Bowl.
  • He is reportedly MrBeast’s very first subscriber as told by Jimmy.
  • He owns 4 cats.
  • He owns a white Tesla model 3.

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