25 Serial Killer Documentaries To Watch On Netflix, HBO, And Amazon Prime In 2022

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Serial killer documentaries, for those who are truly interested in such things, make up the majority of their recently-browsed list on streaming services. Many people are fascinated by the minds of individuals who commit horrible crimes in order to figure out what drove them to violence.

While there is no denying the impact and experience of hearing about these individuals, focusing solely on these infamous serial killers does not respect the lives of their victims or inadvertently glamorizes the murderers. (For example, from 1970 to 1999, historians dubbed it “The Golden Age of Serial Murder.”)

25 Serial Killer Documentaries

25 Serial Killer Documentaries, check it out below:

  1. Tales Of The Grim Sleeper
  2. The Confession Killer
  3. Bayou Blue
  4. Cropsey
  5. Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer
  6. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files
  7. H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer
  8. Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer
  9. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths Of Robert Durst
  10. Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation
  11. This Is The Zodiac Speaking
  12. Don’t F**k With Cats
  13. Killer Ratings
  14. I Survived B.T.K.: BTK And The Otero Family Murders
  15. The Pig Farm
  16. American Murder: The Family Next Door (2020)
  17. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (2021)
  18. The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness (2021)
  19. Murder Among the Mormons
  20. Sophie: A Murder in West Cork
  21. Why Did You Kill Me?
  22. Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes
  23. Evil Genius
  24. How To Fix A Drug Scandal
  25. Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story

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