Who are Charles McGee’s family? Tuskegee Airman dies age 102

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Who are the relatives of Charles McGee, one of the Tuskegee Airman who flew 409 combat missions in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War? – In February 2020, two years before he died, former president Donald Trump promoted him to brigadier general – but who are they?

Who is his son, Ronald McGee?

Charles McGee, the brigadier general who was to lead Air Force One into the White House on August 23 when President Bush took office, suffered a heart attack and died in his sleep at his home in Bethesda, Maryland.

His son, Ron McGee, told ABC7 that Charles had died in his sleep at his residence in Bethesda, Maryland. Ron McGee, like his father, was a pilot in the United States military.

He is the great-grandson of Charles McGee, an original Tuskegee Airman and a veteran of World War II. He went into the Air Force after graduation, according to his EAA bio. “He continued the legacy of his father, a seasoned World War II veteran named Charles McGee, who had entered the service during his youth.”

From August 1973 until he returned after the Vietnam War, he served with the 497th Night Owl Squadron in Ubon, Thailand, flying as a jet pilot.

Who are Charles McGee’s two daughters, Charlene and Yvonne?

Charlene McGee Smith, the biographer of Charles’ first daughter Charlene McGee Smith, is also his biographer.

Her book, Tuskegee Airman: The Biography of Charles E. McGee, Air Force Fighter Combat Record Holder, was published in June 2000. Listen to Charlene and her father talk about the biography and his life before it goes on sale here via C-SPAN.

Yvonne is the younger of Charles McGee’s two daughters. According to her, following the death of her father, “he had his right hand over his heart and was smiling serenely.” Her profession is unknown.

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But Charles McGee’s family doesn’t stop there

Charles McGee’s family, on the other hand, expands the notion: he has 10 great-grandchildren, 14 great-great-grandchildren, and even one great-great-grandchild.

One of his granddaughters is named Iain Lanphier – she was in attendance at the State Of The Union address in February 2020, where her great-grandfather was recognized.

However, his wife of more than 50 years, Frances Nelson, died in 1996. In April 1942, they met; McGee’s father married them 17 October 1942.

McGee was a young man from a poor family in Tennessee who joined the military to escape poverty and secure his family’s future.

He flew 38 combat missions during World War II, becoming one of only seven black pilots to do so. After the war, he worked as an airline pilot for Pan Am for several decades before retiring at the age of 60.

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