Who are Jordan Cashmyer’s parents? Family mourns reality star, 26

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Jordan Cashmyer, a former cast member of the Bravo reality series, has died aged 26 after giving birth to her second child. Dennis and Jessica Cashmyer, Jordan’s stepfather and mother, announced Jordan’s death on Facebook yesterday. Who are Dennis and Jessica Cashmyer?

Who are Jordan Cashmyer’s parents?

Dennis Cashmyer Jr., the father of Rachel Lynn “Rachael” Cashmyer, who was previously Janelle Nicole “Niki” Cashmyer (born 4 October 1992), is a lawyer and corporate executive. He mentioned his daughter’s death in a social media post on Sunday, 16 January 2022.

His last post before his death, on February 6th, read that he and his wife Jessica Cashmyer – Jordan’s stepmother – “were surrounded by the love and support of our children, granddaughter Lyla and family members.”

Dennis Cashmyer is the president of Cashmyer Management Company. He and Jessica just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary, which he commemorated with a social media post on November 17, 2021. Genevieve, the daughter they shared after filming of Jordan’s 10th season appearance on 16 And Pregnant, is Jordan’s stepmother.

Following his stint on 16 And Pregnant, Dennis and Genevieve shared custody of Jordan’s first kid, Genevieve.

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What about her biological mother?

Kari Burchill is Jordan Cashmyer’s biological mother, according to a Radar Online exclusive in August 2017. According to Radar in 2017, Burchill sent the organization an “incredibly desperate” message.

The outlet reports, “I hadn’t heard from her or seen her in a week.” Burchill was reportedly “in and out of court during Cashmyer’s childhood [although] she failed.” Jordan Cashmyer decided to live with her biological mother again, according to Radar, when she turned 18.

“She wants to be a wonderful mother, but she also needs to find herself,” Burchill explained. “Jordan is going to make it through this. She has a part of her that wants help.”

How old are Jordan Cashmyer’s daughters Evie and Lyla?

Genevieve “Evie” Shae Taylor was born on March 7, 2014 to two daughters of Mrs. Cashmyer (Marley). As reported by Distractify, after the episode of 16 And Pregnant aired on MTV, she and her daughter’s father (Derek Taylor) separated shortly after.

In January 2021, Jordan celebrated one year of sobriety. She delivered her second daughter, Lyla – whose father was Jordan’s fiancé, Michael Schaffer – the next June. Shaffer died tragically at the age of 30 in September 2018.

Evie and Lyla Cashmyer are Jordan’s daughters, each being seven years old. We extend our sincere sympathies to the family and friends of Jordan Cashmyer.

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