Which Song Is ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ On TikTok Trend?

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You’re living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the “My head is a jungle” craze on TikTok lately. TikTok has evolved into a popular location for discovering and creating new music.

The platform’s most viral trends assist users in finding a new song or a TikTok music edit they haven’t heard before. ‘My head is a jungle’ is one of those trends, and many people are interested to find out which song plays in the background.

What Is The Song In ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ TikTok Trend?

The new TikTok fad has used Emma Louise and Wankelmut’s 2013 song Jungle as the soundtrack for users to narrate their current difficulties.

The song is a remix of Wankelmut’s My Head Is a Jungle (Remixes) album, which was released in 2013. The dance/electronic music genre is represented by the three versions of the same song on the record.

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How To Participate In The Viral Trend

Users post videos on TikTok called ‘My head is a jungle,’ which express an issue they are currently facing in life. Users upload captions to the video, depicting a struggle they’re having at the moment.

The song “Jungle” plays in the background, adding to some of these videos’ intensity.

Users React To The Trend

Many TikTok users offered kind and compassionate words to those who revealed their difficulties through this movement. Others reacted hysterically to the people who transformed it into something unique.

A user named “bagofbundapt” uploaded an odd variation of the video, in which she appears to be battling body image issues at the start, but it subsequently takes a hilarious and light turn.

All you have to do is describe what you’re going through right now and use the music as the ambience. However, certain other users are adding their own offbeat and distinct spins on it as well.

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