‘Candy Land’ Ending Explained | Did Remy Kill Everyone In The End?


‘Candy Land’ unfolds in a way that is somewhere between a true-crime documentary and a mystery that you leave midway, right before you get to the actual motives of the murderer. This is because the story follows a specific yet deliberately vague timeline of events, with the audience only glimpsing the parts that are necessary to move the plot forward without revealing the entire picture. This keeps the audience in suspense and keeps them guessing until the very end.

The movies story revolves around a few prostitutes, and through its characters, and also lights on how their life decisions have led them to their current paths and how they must learn to cope with the consequences of those decisions. Official synopsis reads as, “A seemingly naive and devout young woman finds her way in the underground world of truck stop sex workers a.k.a. “lot lizards.””

Candy Land Ending Explained

Remy goes to see Levi that night and it seems innocent at first glance. Even though it appears innocent at first glance, we know that she is going to target Levi in the future. Remy has consistently shown behavior that leads us to believe that she has an ulterior motive. She has been known to be cunning and manipulative, so it is likely that she is planning something sinister when she goes to see Levi.

Levi is totally unware what is going to happen with him, as she gets closer to him, Levi smiles, as he has liked Remy, since the beginning. But the biggest shock is when she stabs him in the face, right when he is at his most vulnerable. This is the death that broke our hearts. Levi’s death was so shocking because it was unexpected and it occurred at a time when he was so happy to see the person he had grown to love. It was a betrayal of the trust he had placed in her.

In spite of all the suffering Levi had endured, he did not deserve to be killed in such a manner. Remy continues on her rampage, and she begins her assault on Nora. Despite his hardships, Levi’s death was completely unjustified. Remy then turns her wrath towards Nora, not letting up until her mission is complete.

Meanwhile, Sadie tells Riley that she wants to leave. Riley supports her but is evidently devastated by this. She goes looking for Nora or Levi, but they don’t open the door. When she becomes increasingly frustrated, she finds Remy, who eventually staggers her. Despite the difficult emotions running through her, Riley still acts in support of Sadie’s decision and does her best to find comfort in her friends. However, Remy is the only one who is able to provide any solace in the moment.

As Sadie goes through the brochure that Theo left outside when he first visited them outside their stop, we see her not connecting the dots yet. It talks about cleansing, and she doesn’t seem to have yet connected the dots.

Sadie is still trying to understand what Theo is offering. The brochure talks about cleansing but she is unsure of what it means in the context of Theo’s service. She has not yet figured out the connection between the brochure and what Theo is offering.

Then when Remy arrives and tells her that the others are going with her, she begins to suspect something is wrong with her. It’s then that a terrified Sadie discovers their dead bodies. As she starts to become suspicious, the group starts to act erratically and Remy’s behavior is particularly concerning. She then finds out that the others have been killed and she realizes that she is in serious danger.


Horrified, she doesn’t know what to do when Remy tells her to go along with her. As she refuses, Remy stabs her in the chest. Sadie soon realizes that Remy is the murderer. She is desperate to escape, but Remy threatens her with a knife and tells her that if she doesn’t go along with her plan, she will be killed as well. Terrified, Sadie has no choice but to go along with Remy’s plan.

When Rex arrives at the scene, Remy is sitting on the floor, surrounded by bodies. At first, Remy doesn’t suspect Sadie at all, so he takes her home and finds more bodies, which is clearly not Remy’s doing, and she starts yelling at them, begging them to wait for her. At the beginning, Remy doesn’t suspect Sadie at all, so he takes her home where he finds more bodies. After running through the entire house, she finds everyone dead. She does not believe they were supposed to wait for her.

Seeing her friends in the motel trying to kill themselves, she decides to stain herself in the heart and die in order to join them on whatever quest they believe they are on, in an attempt to join the others wherever they are going on whatever quest they might be on. Rex is stunned to realize that Remy might do even worse things.

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‘Candy Land’ Cast & Crew At A Glance

  1. Eden Brolin as Riley
  2. William Baldwin as Sheriff Rex
  3. Brad Carter as Theo
  4. Guinevere Turner as Nora
  5. Billy Blair as Ogden
  6. Mark Ward as Father Phillip
  7. Matt Markese as Apostle #3
  8. Mark Murphy as Minsky
  9. Laevin Story as Jonah
  10. Olivia Luccardi as Remy
  11. Owen Campbell as Levi
  12. Virginia Rand as Liv
  13. Sam Quartin as Sadie
  14. Bruce Davis as Bruce
  15. Liz Ann Montaneli as Maxine
  16. Kendall Wind as Apostle #1
  17. Katie Lundy as Apostle #5(as Kattie Lundy)
  18. Khyl Lorenzen as Apostle #2

Eden Brolin as Riley

Eden Brolin is an American actress, best known for her role as Charlie Singer in the Beyond television series and as Mia in Yellowstone. She is the daughter of actor Josh Brolin and Alice Adair.

William Baldwin as Sheriff Rex

As an actor, producer, and writer for the past three decades, William Baldwin has distinguished himself as a versatile and talented individual who continues to showcase his many talents in the field of film and television. His work has been highly praised by both fans and critics, and has earned him numerous awards, including an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe nomination, and an Academy Award nomination. He has also produced several successful projects and has written several screenplays.

Brad Carter as Theo

The actor Brad Carter was born on the 5th of December 1973 in Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America. He is best known for his roles in the Yellowstone (2018), True Detective (2014), and Sons of Anarchy (2008).

Guinevere Turner as Nora

Guinevere Turner known for American Psycho (2000), The Notorious Bettie Page (2005) and Go Fish (1994). She is a versatile actress and filmmaker, having written, directed and acted in numerous films, television shows and plays. She has a knack for creating compelling and complex female characters that have become iconic in the world of cinema.

Billy Blair as Ogden

Billy started singing at the age of 5 after watching Sesame Street and KISS for the first time as a child growing up in El Paso, TX and is related to the great Edgar Allan Poe. He comes from a musical family. His family passed down the musical tradition from generation to generation, and Billy was inspired by the music he saw on TV and in his family. His musical talent was further nurtured by his parents and relatives, who helped him hone his craft.


Olivia Luccardi as Remy

The most famous roles Olivia Luccard has played are Alice Woods in Syfy’s horror anthology series Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, and Yara Davis in David Ayer’s supernatural thriller It Follows, both starring Olivia Luccard herself.

Owen Campbell as Levi

Owen Campbell is rose to stardom for working in X (2022), Super Dark Times (2017) and As You Are (2016).

Virginia Rand as Liv

Virginia Rand popular for the Walls (2017), I Am Fear (2020) and Candy Land (2022).

Sam Quartin as Sadie

Sam Quartin has starred in movies such as Candy Land (2022), Body Brokers (2021), and Run with the Hunted (2019).

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