Fauda Season 4 Ending Explained | What Happened In The End?


Fauda is an Israeli television series which was announced that Fauda would be returning for a fourth season. It was announced that Fauda would be returning for a fourth season final season which has been critically acclaimed for not only its writing and high-octane action. Although ‘Fauda’ may not have the same level of international fame as many other series on Netflix, it has earned a passionate and dedicated fan base. After the stunning conclusion of season 3, fans eagerly anticipated season 4, which released in July 2022 to Israeli viewers before premiering on Netflix for international audiences six months later. In this fourth installment we find Doron Kavillio (Lior Raz) shattered and inwardly focused after enduring extensive trauma.

Yet again, Doron faces a new menace from Hezbollah in Lebanon and is forced to return to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The fourth season story revolves around, after uncovering that a previously believed-deceased terrorist is still actively pursuing his harmful mission, an unwilling retired Mossad soldier must return to undercover operations in order to stop the imminent threat. Such is the basis for season 4’s gripping plot.

Fauda Season 4 Ending, Explained

Doron (portrayed by Lior Raz) and his team rescue Gabi (portrayed by Itzik Cohen) from Hezbollah with Omar’s help. They are about to leave on the helicopter when Gabi grabs Doron’s gun and shoots Omar. He does this because he is revengeful for what he has been put through and what he has been forced to reveal. In a desperate attempt to disrupt peace, Adel and his team plotted an attack with their stockpile of missiles. Unfortunately for them, the Israeli Defense Force foiled their plan when they raided one of their hideouts, resulting in a massive loss of munitions.

Nevertheless, what few weapons remained were deployed without hesitation – yet ultimately met with failure; intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome technology before they could cause any significant damage. Still some penetrated through the defense system and caused horrific casualties among innocent Israelis.


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Gabi proposes that they use Omar’s funeral as a ruse to expose Adel, who is especially dangerous due to his hard-line devotion and sheer ruthlessness. Knowing the risk of Adel’s presence, Gabi suggests a daring plan to bring him to justice and avenge Omar’s death. Not only will he stop at nothing for the sake of making progress in his cause; he also has knowledge from what Gabi divulged under torture – information so valuable it could very well lead to devastating consequences if it falls into the wrong hands. He is willing to risk any and all consequences to advance his cause, so this knowledge he has gained could be used to manipulate others or to cause destruction if it is not handled with care.

As tension builds and the epic showdown in Jenin unfolds, Eli, Sagi, and Steve are tragically shot by a sniper while Russo and Doron suffer injuries. The season comes to an end with a shocking scene of Doron holding onto his fallen comrades as he lays on the ground. Even though we can expect another season for this show, it’s plausible that one or more of these characters will have perished from their wounds at this point.


The scene has given fans a lot to think about before the next season begins. It has left them wondering who will make it out alive and who will succumb to their injuries. It’s a cliffhanger that will keep viewers guessing until the next installment of the show.

There is a common understanding that no one in the show ‘Fauda’ has plot armor outside of Doron – particularly Eli, who faces the most peril. This is because of the way the show is written, with each character’s story arc being resolved organically. To make it believable, characters must face real danger, and any character can be killed off at any time, thus creating suspense and tension for viewers.

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