‘The Last Of Us’ Tess Character Explained | Reason Behind Her Death


As a key character in The Last of Us, Tess plays an important role. She is a hardened survivor as well as Joel’s smuggler in surviving the apocalypse along with him. There is a TV series based on her role, which was portrayed by Anna Torv, who portrayed Olivia Dunham in Fringe. She was voiced and motion captured by Annie Wersching.

If it is on HBO’s sadistic platform, we know better than to form attachments to characters in post-apocalyptic thrillers. This is because that genre of television often has high mortality rates among its characters, making it difficult for viewers to get attached to anyone without the fear of losing them.


As this is a light-hearted action comedy, the writers are likely to choose comedic relief and character development over sudden, unexpected deaths. This will allow viewers to form a deeper connection with the characters and the story, increasing their investment in the show. The Last of Us will not be like HBO’s “Game of Thrones” or its prequel spinoff “House of the Dragon”. Yet we are once again opening ourselves up for heartache. While they may choose to introduce some tragedy to add dramatic tension, they are likely to avoid killing off major characters in order to maintain the lighthearted tone of the show. This will give viewers a chance to get to know and sympathize with the characters, which will not only increase the show’s viewership, but also make it easier for viewers to emotionally connect with the story.


‘The Last Of Us’ Tess Death

The first time we see Tess, she is when she enters Joel’s apartment in the Boston Zone. She is introduced to us in the same way as Joel introduces her to the world as they begin a partnership to smuggle weapons, rations, and other supplies in Boston. Bill, who also trades supplies with them both within the Quarantine Zone, also became acquainted with them.

When Joel and Ellie are helping him find a car, Bill mentions Tess several times, something Joel tries to ignore; he does not mention that she is dead. Despite this, it is evident in his expression as he pretends to ignore Bill’s mentions of Tess.


Joel forbids Ellie from discussing Tess. When Bill insults Tess, Joel defends her, furious by the fact that he was able to bring her up in a manner such as this.

As Tess falls down, Ellie mentions that Tess’ death may have been caused by the Cordyceps Brain Infection, but that Ellie has avoided the infection as a result of her immunity, which is the reason for her survivor’s guilt. Despite this knowledge, Ellie is still struggling with her survivor’s guilt, as she is the only one to have emerged unscathed from the outbreak.

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