Who Is Briony Serrell, Philip Serrell Wife?

Philip Serrell is an English auctioneer and an antiquities expert who married Briony Serrell. Despite the fact that there has been a buzz on the internet about them, little is known about Briony Serrell, Philip’s wife. He has spent more than 40 years of his life in the antique business.

He is well-known and well-liked among antique collectors. He appears in several antiquing on the BBC network’s various auction programs.

Who Is Philip Serrell?

Philip Serrell is an antiques expert who has gained popularity for his role in several BBC television shows about antiques, particularly one called “Vinegar Tom’s Antique Pickers.”

Philip Martyn Serrell is a British actor and director who was born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England on 27 March 1954. He is 66 years old now.

Philip Serrell Wife Briony Serrell

Philip Serrell is married to Briony Serrell, and we are seeking additional information on her.

Although there is no information about their early relationship as a couple, they have a daughter named Clementine Serrell.

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Briony Serrell Husband, Philip Serrell Net Worth Explored

Philip Serrell has managed to achieve a lot in his field.

His net worth is about 1 to 1.5 million Euros at this time.Philip Serrell was educated at the Royal Grammar School in Worcester.

He was a schoolmate of Pakistan’s former cricket star and current prime minister Imran Khan.

Philip Serrell Career & Profession

Philip Serrell began his career as a teacher. He decided to leave teaching to become an auctioneer after he was dissatisfied with his profession.

In addition, he has shown an interest in singing. Philip Serrell recorded a rock version of the classic “Sleigh Ride” for BBC Children In Need.

Philip Serrell has appeared in programs such as BBC’s Antiques Road Trip and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

He is active on Twitter and has 27.8k followers.

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