Kevin Samuels Wife Revealed

Kevin Samuels is an Image Consultant and social media star who has gained a large following for the life and relationship advice videos he posts to his self-titled YouTube channel. His content has earned him over 550,000 subscribers on the video platform.

He attended the University of Oklahoma. He began posting on his YouTube channel in March 2016. He posts clips from his life advice videos on his kevinrsamuels Instagram account, and has accumulated over 800,000 followers on the app.

Kevin Samuels Wife

Who is the wife of Kevin Samuels? So, we all know that Kevin Samuels has a lot of dating advice to offer, but who is he? Is there anybody named Kevin Samuels’ wife? Is he single or married?

In August 2020, Samuels posted a photo to his Instagram story of himself in bed with a 29-year-old Instagram model known as Sixthegoddis.

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However, there’s no news yet if she and Samuels are dating. It’s uncertain if the pair is still together as they haven’t published much online about their relationship since February 2021.

Who is Kevin Samuels?

Who is Kevin Samuels’ partner? Is he seeing anyone at the moment? The lifestyle coach and dating guru is eager to assist others with their relationship difficulties, but what do we know about his own love life?

Todays, according to dating expert and “image consultant” Steve Samuels, is a world that is increasingly competitive, hyper connected, and image conscious. Within the first few seconds of meeting someone new, they’ve already formed an enduring opinion of you.”

He tells me that his dating advice will assist you in taking control of your knowledge and using it to your advantage.

However, Samuels studied Chemical Engineering before becoming a dating guru. From 1987 to 1991, he attended the University of Oklahoma.

After that, he moved on to a variety of sales jobs, including at Office Depot. He’s originally from Oklahoma City and presently works in Atlanta, Georgia.

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