5up did a face reveal and fans can’t believe they missed it!

Even though a number of streamers, such as Dream and Corpse Husband, have risen to prominence without ever revealing their faces. When Corpse posted his hand on Instagram, fans went wild. Another well-known faceless streamer, 5up, has just done a face reveal today. We’ve gathered some of the fan reactions below.

Meet YouTuber and streamer 5up

The name 5up is a shortened form of the phrase “five under” and was created on October 27, 1999. He is best recognized for streaming the multiplayer game Among Us on YouTube. He currently has 719k subscribers on his YouTube channel and 915k followers on Twitch.

The second generation is named Danko, and he was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. However, he relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in May of this year to be closer to his pals, and he also has an adorable dog named Suji who are inseparable.

5up’s height is thought to be about 5ft 8in tall.

When did 5up do a face reveal?

He was previously most recognized as a faceless streamer. On August 1, 2021, however, he began to reveal small portions of his face on his broadcasts, as well as posting an Instagram photo wearing a mask that covered half of his face.

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Finally, on August 17th, 5up revealed his entire face live on a stream. He was ranking Dutch sweets with Fundy and felt it was finally time to show his face to the public.

Fans react to missing the reveal on twitter

Many people had been waiting years for 5up to show his face, but many did not even know he had completed it! We’re anxious to see what material 5up produces now that he’s done his full face reveal.

However, many fans are feeling great after 5up’s face reveal. One even decided to mark this moment with a portrait.

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