Terrifying meme predicts 2022 doom as year sounds like ‘2020 Too’


As we near the end of 2019, everyone is looking forward to 2022 as a potential return to normalcy. As a planet with masks, hand sanitizer, and lateral flow tests has become the new norm for us all, it’s difficult to remember what “normal” even means.

We’re all hoping that Covid becomes a thing of the past, but a new viral meme tells us otherwise. The strange anomalies surrounding the new year “2022” have piqued Internet users’ interest.

2022 Sounds Like ‘2020 Too’

As the new year approaches, many individuals are worried that it will be a terrible year due to the latest viral meme. According to the meme, the next year’s date “2022” actually sounds like “2020 as well,” implying that 2022 will be a carbon copy of 2020. “

“The moment you realise 2022 is pronounced ‘2020 too’,” the meme says alongside a photo of Moira from the TV series Schitts Creek.

It’s a somewhat chilling coincidence that 2020 was the year that Covid-19 took over the world, resulting in deadly lockdowns and the global shutdown. Nobody wants to revisit to its horrors, so while it is only a strange circumstance, the meme is quite frightening.

Twitter Reacts To The Viral Meme

People have been taking to Twitter to react to the viral meme.

One person wrote: “Are y’all ready for 2022? Twenty twenty two? 2020 too?”

“2022 is pronounced “2020 too” I have a feeling its not gonna be a good year,” said another.

A third person added: “2022 better not be ‘2020 too’.”

Another person had a more positive take on the meme, saying: “I think rather than thinking of 2022 as ‘2020 too’ we should think of it as ‘2020, (take) 2’ and just have another go at it…”

What a great idea! Let’s make 2022 the new and improved 2020.

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Creepy Omicron Memes Go Viral

The spread of frightening memes connected to the new Covid variant “Omicron,” which is now known as the 2022, wasn’t enough.

In December, a meme going around Twitter claimed that ‘Omicron B’ is an anagram of ‘No Crimbo,’ suggesting that no one would be celebrating Christmas this year.

For many individuals, this became a reality as they were isolated on their own with Covid-19 or were unable to see family and friends due to limitations. Another meme reveals that ‘Delta Omicron’ is an anagram of ‘Media Control’.

Is the government using this pandemic to subvert our freedom through the media? Users of social media are certain that it is.


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