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Zhu Yi Fall Video Goes Viral On Social Media Went Viral: Check Out Here

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games have already started on February 4, and they will continue until February 20. These Olympics have frequently made headlines in the media, as well as their competitions. We recently learned about a journalist being delayed during live streaming news, and now there is video of a skater falling while representing China that is going viral on the internet.

According to the study, Zhu Yi, a California-born figure skater who is making her Olympic debut for Team China, was eager to show the Chinese public that she belonged. Instead, the 19-year-old has faced backlash on Chinese social media after she failed to complete last in the women’s short program team event and fell flat on the ice ground.

Zhu Yi Fall Video

The hashtag “Zhu Yi has fallen” on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like network, got 200 million views in a few hours. Why did the choice of Zhu, an American-born skater who was born in the country to represent China come at the expense of a competitor who was born in the country? According to one comment with 11,000 upvotes, this is “such an embarrassment.” On Sunday evening (6th Feb), the hashtag became inaccessible. It’s unclear why it happened.

On the second day of the figure skating team event, Zhu was the first skater to compete, gliding onto the ice rink to loud celebration from the largest crowd in China at Beijing’s Capital Indoor Stadium. However, she fell over and collided with the wall after a failed jump in the opening combination, and later missed another jump in the program before finishing with China’s lowest score.

What does the viral video of the player is consist of?

In this video, you’ll see her on the ice skating as she is in it. As a result, in the film, you may observe her smashing into the wall after scoring the lowest point of the competition.

She doesn’t even have the desire to trade up and try it again with the same follow and efforts after she falls. She gets up quickly and resumes performing with the same passion and elegance as before. And this is admirable.

Skater Zhu Yi falls video?

Ms. Zhu has issued a statement in which she says, “She had to wipe away her tears and was even embarrassed.” She apologises for not performing at her best on the field or during the game. She states that she let down her inspiration and supporters by failing to shine in their eyes.

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