Gay Rat Wedding meme explained as crazy outfit choice sparks debate

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After one wedding attendee posted a photo of herself dressed as the ‘Gay Rat Wedding’ from the PBS kids’ program Arthur, she sparked outrage among fans. Her choice in clothing has become a point of contention online.

The odd situation in which the wedding guests are placed in opposition to the continuing social media debate, with divided viewpoints. What is the ‘Gay Rat Wedding Meme,’ and who is Harper Finkle, the character being compared to the guest in question?

Gay Rat Wedding Meme Explained

Mr Ratburn and the Special Someone’ will be the season 22 premiere of Arthur in 2019, with grade-school teacher Mr Ratburn being openly revealed as gay and getting married to his companion.

However, because of the trust parents have in Alabama Public TV’s station, the network’s program manager said that they did not want to air the episode.

Who is Rosa Silver? Wife of late politician Sheldon Silver

The online outrage subsequently made the Arthur scenario a well-known meme known as the ‘Gay Rat Wedding.’ Some of the most popular material focuses on exposing homophobia, while others are based on how amusing the phrase is.

Womas’s Crazy Outfit Choice To LGBT Ceremony

A recent incident has attracted a lot of buzz online after a woman intended to wear a dress based on the ‘Gay Rat Wedding’ meme to an LGBT wedding ceremony.

Her spouse, who was also a redditor, then complained about her attire plans and sought outside perspective on whether he was correct in doing so.

In a particular subreddit, user with the handle @harleygfproblem asked, “AITA not allowing my girlfriend to wear her “individual” dress to a wedding?” The post received considerable attention. It also promised that I would get an answer from Facebook saying how they were going to resolve this problem and restore public trust in the firm. “She has a very distinct style, similar to Harper Finkle from Wizards of Waverly Place,” the partner began to explain.

Harper Finkle is a Disney Channel sitcom character played by Jennifer Stone, best known on the program for her outrageous fashion ensembles that she designs herself.

Rachel’s Battle on the entire internet. The dress in question was described as being “full of little stuffed rats, pride flags, and a huge ‘I SUPPORTER GAY RATS’ on the front.”

Debate Sparked Online

The subreddit known as AITA, which stands for ‘AmItheAhole,’ is a website where people post events they’ve been involved in in order to receive criticism. Participants in the comment section then decide whether to judge them with the ratings of ‘YTA’ (you’re the ahole), ‘NTA’ (not the ahole), ‘ESH’ (everyone sucks here) or ‘NAH’ (no aholes here).

On Twitter, a separate user with the handle “AITA online” shared a screenshot of the Reddit post and began the discussion in a thread. Some people feel that the original poster, @harleygfproblem, was in error by asking why he was telling his wife how to dress.

Others, on the other hand, feel that it was poorly done for a wedding attendee to propose the crazy outfit. As of yet, ‘NTA – GF is’ has received the most votes in a Twitter poll that includes all rating choices, according to which the girlfriend is to blame.


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