Mia Khalifa’s Facebook says ‘Remembering’ and fans are very thoughtful

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After seeing something suspicious about Mia Khalifa’s Facebook profile, her fans were alarmed. In 2014, the Lebanese-American media personality gained popularity as a porn actress.

She soon became one of the most-viewed x-rated performers in the world and gained millions of followers on social media. This weekend, hundreds of tweets have been published on Twitter asking if Mia is okay. Here’s what’s up.

Mia Khalifa’s Facebook says ‘Remembering’

Many fans noticed that Mia Khalifa’s genuine Facebook profile went odd early on Saturday morning. Her picture has been removed from the account, which has 4.2 million followers, and above her name it reads: “Remembering.”

“Remembering Mia Khalifa,” the text beneath reads. “We hope people who adore Mia Khalifa will be comforted by visiting their profile to remember and celebrate her life.” Her previous postings have all been deleted and replaced with a section where fans can submit “tributes” and “remember and honor” messages in memory of her.

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This is a Facebook feature that friends and relatives use when someone passes away. It allows people to stay connected and share memories while stating that the profile has been abandoned because of a tragic loss.

Concern Grows On Twitter

There have been no reports of anything happening to Mia Khalifa as of this writing. There is no indication that she has died, as far as I’m aware. Fans are extremely concerned on Twitter, though.

She Hasn’t Been Active For A While

Mia’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have remained active as of January 29th, despite the fact that she hasn’t been active on them for quite some time.

She has a staggering 26.8 million Instagram followers and last updated her profile on January 18th, almost two weeks ago. On January 15th, she last tweeted a photo with 4.1 million followers on Twitter.

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