What Is The Ethnicity Of Yassine Chueko: Bodyguard Of Footballer Lionel Messi

Yassine Chueko went viral on social media after he was not trying to join Messi and his teammates in their goal celebration, in Aug 2023. Chueko was apparently brought on to guard Messi after Inter Miami club president David Beckham personally recommended him.

Chueko is the appointed guard takes on the responsibility of protecting Messi not only during matches but also before and after, ensuring his safety even when he is out and about with his family in public.

This also includes occasions like shopping trips where Chueko remains on guard to any potential threats or dangers that may arise. Regardless of the situation, he remains by Messi’s side providing a feel of security and protection at all times.

How Old Is Yassine Chueko?

Yassine Chueko age is 34 years old, as of now. He was born in 1989 in California, USA. He is also an MMA fighter but not a Navy SEAL. He is widely known as the personal security guard for Lionel Messi.


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His native belongs from Morocco and comes from mixed ethnicity. He was a former US soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. He has 295K followers on his ‘yasstcheuko‘ Instagram account. His bio read as,

“strong man is not the good wrestler or good boxer the strong man is only one who controls himself when he is angry.❌no tik tok❌no Facebook❌no twiiter”

Yassine Chueko Height

How tall is Yassine Chueko? He stands 6’1” or (1.85 m). His body weight is about 110 Kg or 242 lbs. He has light brown eyes and has curly blonde hair.


Is He Married?

No, Yassine Chueko is not married.

How Much Yassine Chueko Get Paid?

Chueko’s are paid $250,000 (£198,000) a year, according to Sun to watch over Messi. According to other reports, his pay might potentially be anywhere between $3 and $3.5 million. The fans of Inter Miami have understood his persistent loyalty to protecting the Messi himself.

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