Joseph Sisley: All About Tomer Sisley’s Father

Joseph Sisley is the father of Tomer Sisley who is an Israeli and French actor and comedian. Joseph work as a research scientist in dermatology. His family has roots in Lithuania and today’s Belarus. He is fluent in German, Hebrew, French, and English. His son, Tomer Sisley attended an English-speaking school, and then attended the bi-lingual Centre international de Valbonne in Sophia Antipolis near Nice, France. On February 6, 2019, he shared a sweet note for his father on Instagram,

“apa… Merci d’être venu nous rendre visite! Les moments passés avec toi me sont très précieux.

Nous avons eu au fil de ces dernières années des échanges, parfois durs, qui au final mettaient en avant nos idées respectives de ce que c’est que d’être un homme… Alors je voudrais te dire ouvertement que tu es un homme véritablement fantastique! Tu es l’homme de ma vie.
Je mesure la chance que j’ai de te connaître. Je mesure le bonheur que c’est de t’avoir comme exemple.
Tu es merveilleux.
Tout le monde devrait avoir un papa comme toi. Je suis fier d’être ton fils.
…et plus que tout, je voudrais te dire que tu n’as plus à t’inquiéter pour moi :

Je suis heureux!

Je t’aime.”

Joseph Sisley Biography

Joseph Sisley belongs from Israeli family. His wife is also a dermatologist. They met as schoolmates in Ramat Gan, Israel, and were childhood sweethearts. She is of Yemenite descent.

Couple separated when Tomer was five years old. At 9 years of age, he left Berlin to live with his father in southern France, where his father was offered a position.

Family now resides in Paris and has taught Hebrew to his children. Most of his relatives reside in Israel. Joseph has brothers who were in the Israeli Special Forces. His son, Tomer is a horse rider, practiced 5 years of Krav Maga, and trains in jiujitsu and boxing. He is also a helicopter pilot, and also races boats, does skydiving, paragliding, and extreme skiing.

Joseph SisleyWiki
Agein late 70s
WifeName not known
Born inIsrael
Research Scientist
SonTomer Sisley
Daughter-in-lawMichelle Monaghan

Joseph Sisley’s Son: Tomer Sisley

Tomer Sisley was born on August 14, 1974, is a French actor and comedian. With a career spanning over two decades, he has become one of the most recognizable faces in French cinema and has also gained international recognition for his work.

Not only that, but he’s a helicopter pilot, boat racer, extreme skier, skydiver, and paraglider. Sisley played a fight scene in the French action film Largo Winch II (2011). The fight took place while Sisley was leaping from an aeroplane without a parachute citation is required. He is responsible for all of his own stunts.

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The American comedy We’re the Millers (2013), the French costume drama and adventure film Angélique (2013), and the Israeli-French docudrama political thriller Rabin, the Last Day (2015) were some of the projects that he went on to direct after that. His net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $3 million to $5 million.

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