TikToker Xiao Mo Wiki: World’s Tallest Woman Death Cause Explored

Xiao Mo was famous for being extremely tall has passed away at the age of 23. She was known as an online star in China with a height of 7.5ft and over 152K followers on the video platform ‘Douyin’. Her death is being considered as unusual and has attracted attention.

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Who was Xiao Mo?

Xiao Mo was born in 2001 in Shaoyang, China. She went viral online for her videos documenting her daily life who died on January 15, 2024. Her childhood was challenging because she experienced the hardship of being left behind by her own mother. She had not good relationship with her father. Her grandparents stepped in and took care of her becoming the ones who raised and cared for her.

Her death cause has been said that, she died after succumbing to complications from a cold she had recently caught. She had various health problems, including heart and vision issues, that were related to her tall height.

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Xiao Mo Height

Xiao Mo became the world’s tallest woman at 7.7ft tall. She has a lot of medical conditions, including scoliosis and is tall because of a rare genetic disorder called Weaver syndrome, which causes bone overgrowth. She had also medical concerns that prevent her from sitting up for longer than two hours at a time.

Was Xiao Mo Married?

Xiao Mo was not married. She was single. Not much is known about her personal life. She did her schooling from local high school in China.

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