Who Is Beau Jarred? Melanie’s son

Beau Jarred is a talented guitarist who is best known as the son of Melanie Safka. She was known for the “Brand New Key” and “Ruby Tuesday” which was originally written and recorded by the Rolling Stones. Beau Jarred was born on September 11, 1980. As in 2024, he is 44 years old. He was raised alongside his sisters Leilah and Jeordie. They also released a cover of “There’s No One Quite Like Grandma” that charted in Canada, reaching No. 27.

Beau Jarred Wiki

Beau Jarred Safka has worked as a musician, playing alongside his mother, Melanie Safka. He later decides to continue as a solo artist or primarily as an accompanist on various factors such as personal preferences and opportunities available in the music industry. He has chosen to focus on collaborating with others while also pursuing his own musical projects.

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Who are Beau Jarred’s parents?

Beau Jarred’s dad, Peter died in 2010 and his mother Melanie was a vegetarian in the early 1970s; she also practiced fasting. She performed on the BBC’s Jools’ Annual Hootenanny, on New Year’s Eve 2019. His mother Melanie revealed the real story behind “Brand New Key” in a 2013 interview with music journalist Ray Shasho,

“Of course I can see it symbolically with the key, but I just thought of roller skating. I was fasting with a twenty seven-day fast on water. I broke the fast and went back to my life living in New Jersey and we were going to a flea market around six in the morning.

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On the way back … and I had just broken the fast, from the flea market, we passed a McDonalds and the aroma hit me, and I had been a vegetarian before the fast. So we pulled into the McDonalds and I got the whole works … the burger, the shake and the fries … and no sooner after I finished that last bite of my burger … that song was in my head.

The aroma brought back memories of roller skating and learning to ride a bike and the vision of my dad holding the back fender of the tire. And me saying to my dad … “You’re holding, you’re holding, you’re holding, right?” Then I’d look back and he wasn’t holding and I’d fall. So that whole thing came back to me and came out in this song. So it was not a deliberate or intentional sexual innuendo.”

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Beau Jarred’s grandparents

Beau Jarred grandfather, Frederick M. Safka (1924–2009), was of Ukrainian ancestry, and his grandmother, jazz singer Pauline “Polly” Altomare (1926–2003), was of Italian heritage. His mother, Melanie made her first public singing appearance at age four on the radio show Live Like A Millionaire, performing the song “Gimme a Little Kiss”.

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