Vbox Kidapawan Scandal Explored: Student’s Explicit Video Went Viral

Vbox Kidapawan is a YouTuber who mainly uploads pranks, Filipino games, celebrity impersonations, extreme challenges and daily vlogs. He hails from Kidapawan, Philippines. He shared a video of recordings purporting to show underage drinking and improper behavior. Video immediately went viral and an angry reaction quickly comes from the public. Let’s find out what exactly he shared and what happened?

Vbox Kidapawan Scandal Explored

Vbox Kidapawan shared a scandalous video in which, he is partying with his friends, drinking underage and encouraging inappropriate behavior. It is not known whether he shared the video purposely or by mistake but within 24 hours, the video had over 1.2 million views and was also criticized for its stupidity.

YouTube removed Vbox Kidapawan’s channel after the controversy. Sponsors quickly withdrew revealing the scandal’s financial impact. The Vbox creators quickly deleted the controversial video and apologized. They explained that the situations had been created for humour and that no underage drinking happened.

The controversy tarnished Kidapawan’s image. The scandal has raised questions about online influencers’ responsibility, particularly for kids. Online content creators must consider a duty of care.

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Were Students also involved in the explicit video?

As video has now taken down from the internet, it is not visible who all were involved in that video. But, it is fact that underage youngsters and students were involved in the incident. Vbox Kidapawan stated,

“We made an error in judgment producing content for shock value without considering the dangerous message it spreads. No more videos will feature alcohol or minors.”

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