Is Winwyn Marquez Pregnant? Filipino actress Instagram Story Explained

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Winwyn Marquez has announced that she is expecting a child, the Miss Reina Hispanoameriana in 2017 titleholder revealed the wonderful news on her most recent video, which was published on Saturday. In a video called happy and cheering after she displayed the good pregnancy test, the actress and her partner were seen in a video called Winwyn Marquez has revealed that she is pregnant.

Is Winwyn Marquez Pregnant?

Winwyn’s parents, Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno, were also seen in a video called lovely delighted and cheering after she showed the actress and her partner. Her parents, Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno, were likewise seen getting emotional and expressing their happiness when Winwyn showed them a picture of her ultrasound.

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Yes, Winwyn Marquez is pregnant

“Me and my partner were both so happy. My family, everyone, super saya namin (we’re super happy),” this has been stated by Winwyn. “We’re so happy. We’re over the moon and I’m so excited for this part of our life and for this chapter to start.” She also stated that she’d been advised to take a vacation since she had missed work.

She also said, “I am taking it day by day,” the beauty queen said. “Yes, there are still episodes of bad nausea, dizziness, and that I get tired easily but I always try to listen to my body (as my doctors have been telling me), to avoid stress and make sure that I am in a safe environment and not push anything out of my limit.”

Winwyn thanked her family and everyone who had stood with them, saying, “It’s a fantastic Christmas present for me and my partner, as well as my family. Please keep our little family in your thoughts.” Winwyn has stated previously this month that she is dating someone other than show business.

There will be further information in the tale in the coming days and weeks, and we’ll be on our toes to give you with additional information as soon as possible. We’ll be back with the news.


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