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Setsuna whose real name is Nayuta, is a female Demi-human slave that Keyaru bought in Lanarrita and recruited into his party. Talking about her sweet personality, she is a short demi-human girl with blue-ish hair. While most of her body is human-like, her legs are covered in fur, her feet are wolf paws, her forearms are covered with fur. She also has a pair of lupine ears with grey ends and a large tail. Her womanly parts were described to be the same as those of humans and beautiful by Freya. Continue reading about Setsuna in Redo of healer: Wiki, Powers, Abelites, Personality & more.

Setsuna in Redo of healer Powers & Abelites

Check out the below Setsuna in Redo of healer Powers & Abelites and explore more about her:

Setsuna in Redo of healerPowers & Abelites
StrengthSetsuna is able to overpower the average human
AgilityShe is very agile
SensesSetsuna possesses senses superior to a
regular person
Ice ClawsSetsuna’s primary weapon
  1. Strength: After having her level cap raised, Setsuna is able to overpower the average human. Her strength cap increases constantly thanks to Keyaru daily actions towards her. Her attacks could easily incapacitate and even kill multiple opponents at once.
  2. Agility: She is very agile, as shown when she easily outmaneuvers multiple guards, and performs multiple flips. She can also fall from a great height without being injured.
  3. Senses: Setsuna possesses senses superior to a regular person being able to track people specialised in erasing their presence with her nose. The distance she can cover is also vast and she can give pin-point accuracy of the locations of enemies despite the presence of rain or other conflicting smells.
  4. Ice Claws: Setsuna’s primary weapon. By enveloping her hands with ice, the result is a pair of sharp claws portruding from her fingers.

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Setsuna Current Plot

Setsuna first meets Keyaru who is in the custody of the slave trader. Her angry expression is recognized by Keyaru who promises Setsuna aid in her revenge before returning her to an inn. Setsuna tries to flee by force, owing to a duty to aid her tribe, however Keyaru has a look at her memories when she was asleep and rebukes her about her powerlessness. This prompts Setsuna to be Keyaru’s slave. The two are able to have a sex exchange that increases her level of power.

Setsuna and her companions travel on a journey to Ice Wolf Village to save her people from being slaves. After Keyaru diminishes the number of her enemies, Setsuna takes pleasure in killing the remaining with a lot of force. Keyaru and Setsuna then share an intimate moment in the forest, and she admits that while she’s grateful to help her take revenge however she hasn’t experienced the fullest satisfaction. Setsuna declares that she is going to dedicate her life to Keyaru and tells Keyaru her true Name, Nayuta.

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