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Keyaru (ケヤル), aka Keyaruga (ケヤルガ), is the main protagonist of Redo of Healer. On his 15th birthday, he was chosen as one of the Heroes, the Hero of Healing. After years of torture at the hands of his “allies”, he manages to break free and get the Philosopher’s Stone. He then uses the item to go back four years time to exact revenge against the people who tortured him. After killing the former king, Keyaru became the new king of the Jioral kingdom, to transform it into a genuinely peaceful kingdom.

How is Keyaru Look Like?

Keyaru is a young boy of medium height with brown hair and red eyes. Initially, he is dressed in simple clothes he used in the village, then after the start of his revenge he uses a set of armor he stole from the Captain of the Guards. When he uses his Heal skill, his eyes turn green. His new appearance as Keyaruga is just an older version of himself. In his “Keara” disguise, he gives off a more feminine appearance – a buxom maiden with waist-long brown hair with a red ribbon on the back of the head, except leaving the male genital intact.

Keyaru in Redo of healer Powers & Abilities

  1. Recovery: By manipulating time and matter, Keyaru can return things to their original states and heal deep injuries from himself or others. Initially, using it to heal someone would cause him great pain, but later on he learns how to use this skill without showing any signs of pain at all.
  2. Imitation: Every time Keyaru heals someone, he gains the fighting skills and experience from that person. He already used this skill many times before, retaining all the knowledge from different fighters, soldiers and mages.
  3. Predator: Can either absorb or copy some of the levels of a person, allowing Keyaru to level up. The same ability can also be used to absorb all the mana from someone, or just a portion if he wants. If the target is a mage or fully dependent on mana, that person gets incapacitated and weakened.
  4. Corruption: Destroys the target from inside by corrupting them. Keyaru usually refers to this ability as a One-Hit KO skill.
  5. Upgrade: Ability that allows Keyaru to modify things by “upgrading” them to a desired state.
  6. Superhuman Augmentation: By upgrading himself, he can change his stat spread by enhancing some stats (such as strength, speed, magical defense, physical defense, and magical attack) at the cost of reducing others. He cannot, however, change his stat total.
  7. Transmutation: This allows him to change an individual’s appearance, physical stats and mind.
  8. Memory Erasure: While touching someone’s head, Keyaru can change the memories of an individual and can also erase them at will. He can also force the target to experience memories, as shown with Kureha Clyret.
  9. Shapeshift: By using Upgrade on himself, Keyaru can change his appearance.
  10. Rewrite: Keyaru can use Upgrade on enchanted/magical objects, changing their functions.

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Keyaru Personality


At first, Keyaru was a very gentle and loving young man with desires. When he realized that he was among the Heroes who could help save humanity, he was extremely happy, but he was scared to make use of his power once it was discovered that by being able to heal people, Keyaru was able to absorb their memories and hurt.


After being sacked and imprisoned and tortured, drugged, beaten and sexually assaulted by numerous individuals who were determined to exceed their own boundaries for a prolonged duration, the sweet character changed completely into that of a man who was violent and brutal and unstable. He was psychopathic, unstable brutal, bloody, and sadistic. Because his lack of a sense of humor let him be taken advantage of, Keyaru replaced his old character with one of a manipulative, cunning misanthrope.

He completely destroyed the majority of his former, gentle and generous nature in order to turn into a sadistic brutal, cold-blooded and violent killer in order to exact his revenge.

The pursuit of revenge is the main concern for Keyaru but at least once Keyaru has spoken of his possibility of “living happily” when he’s taken revenge on those who hurt him. When Setsuna inquired about why he resents his victims so frequently, Keyaru explains that the belief that those who abused him could continue to live their lives and not suffer the consequences of their actions makes you feel like you’re going to go to the bathroom. Another illustration of his sadistic nature is the time Keyaru enjoys getting revenge, as evidenced by his jovial laughter after he been raped by Flare and erased her memories. The only instance of this up to now has been Keyaru’s knight captain who, even after Keyaru changed himself into a woman to made them sexually assaulted by his soldiers in revenge for having exhausted Anna’s death and he doesn’t show any joy or joy during the incident and later, probably due to the fact that the Knight Captain’s actions led to the death of several of his loved family members. When his first love Anna and the entire village who lived in her village were murdered in the hands of Renard, Keyaru becomes completely frigid and experiences intense levels of sadness and sadness after losing his last shred of humanity as the only survivor in his empty village.

Keyaru is also explaining to Setsuna that by observing the pain of the people who made him suffering, Keyaru feels a stimulating sensation and is filled with joy and happiness. Keyaru also exuded a raucous laughter of excitement, joy and happiness after being Blade killed and raped by three thugs who were who were under the influence Aphrodisiac.

One of the reasons Keyaru is a good guy is the fact that he doesn’t intention of hurting people who have done him no harm and is a firm rule not to involve them in his own vengeance. This applies even to those who are a bit cruel, like the princess Norn (until when he realizes that she was involved in the execution of the captured people in his community). Keyaru also feels some compassion for those who seek for justice like that he does. He’ll strive to those who want to be able to fulfill their desires on an understanding that they assist him in his.

It’s quite hard to determine what he actually feels about the girls at his group, since the only way he describes them is as toys in his mind, which suggests that he doesn’t actually love them but thinks of them as tools.

But, aside from those minor issues, such as having Freia carry his baggage to get revenge for using the mule as a pack mules, He treats them with kindness, which is in stark contrast to the treatment he received in the hands of Flare’s party.

Keyaru has also proven to be truly angry whenever they are hurt This was evident in the incident where Kureha was beaten out by Freia. In the past when two bandits tried at kidnapping Freia, Keyaru ordered them not to touch her, and was even willing to shoot the bandits. However, it’s not evident if this means Keyaru is more protective his subjects than he could ever imagine his own self, or if Keyaru is simply insecure.

Keyaru has also admitted that while traveling with his group although he does not always do it, his desire to get revenge goes away but he doesn’t notice this when he realizes that she still has others to take revenge on. But, it could be an unintentional way to avoid having to admit that he’s beginning to be concerned about others, because of fear of losing them also.

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