Who Is The Wife Of Trey Yingst: Is He Married?

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Trey Yingst is an American journalist who serves as a foreign correspondent for Fox News based in Jerusalem, Israel. Yingst has covered the Gaza Strip and other regions of the Middle East for Fox News. He attended Central Dauphin High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he now serves on the board of directors.

He enrolled at American University and received a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from American University School of Communication in 2016 after studying at American University and receiving a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communication from American University School of Communication. Who Is The Wife Of Trey Yingst: Is He Married?

Early Life Of Trey Yingst

Trey Yingst began his career as a journalist while both were students at American University, where he worked as an editor for News2Share. The Los Angeles Times reported that while working for News2Share, Yingst was arrested during a protest in Ferguson. With help from the ACLU, the arrest was subsequently erased.

He worked for around a year as an anchor and reporter at KMXT in Victoria, Montana before accepting the offer to join One America News Network as the network’s Chief White House Correspondent in April of 2018. He covered politics for 16 months for One America News Network after working as an anchor and reporter at KMXT in Victoria, Montana from 2016 to 2017.


In “An absolutely maddening exchange between Sarah Sanders and the media,” published by CNN on April 3, 2019, his question-and-answer session with Press Secretary Sanders was mentioned.

Trey Yingst Career Explored

In 2018, Trey Yingst became a member of the Fox News’ international correspondent team. Israeli troops forced Yingst and his crew to move during a live shot in February 2019 due to grenades being thrown at them. He has covered rocket fire, some of which occurred while he was on air live.

In March 2019, he spoke with Mediaite. He attended the White House Press Correspondents’ Dinner in later in the year. Yingst was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for Media – 2019 list in the summer of 2019. In Bahrain, Yingst interviewed Jared Kushner that same year.

Yingst exclusively reported on a secret Iranian base in Eastern Syria with the capacity to store precise guided missiles in September 2019, according to Western Intelligence sources.

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Trey Yingst Wife

Trey Yingst is probably married, but we don’t know for sure. He has kept his personal life private, so we don’t know if he is married or not. We do know that he has a long-term girlfriend named Lindsey Johnston.

Yingst met Johnston while they were both students at George Washington University. They started dating in 2009 and have been together ever since. They now live together in Washington, D.C.

Although Yingst has never confirmed whether or not he is married, it seems likely that he is. He has been with Johnston for over 10 years and they appear to be very happy together. If they were not married, it is possible that Yingst would have mentioned it by now.

It is also possible that Yingst is married but has chosen to keep his wife out of the public eye. This would explain why we know so little about his personal life. Whatever the case may be, we hope that Yingst is happy and enjoying his life with Johnston.

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