Does Seema Jaswal have a partner in 2022?

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Seema Jaswal is a new face on ITV’s punditry, but she has made a welcome addition to the network’s Euro 2020 coverage. People were interested in learning more about her career and personal life, so let’s have a look.

Seema Jaswal has a partner, but keeps her personal life private

We don’t know much about Weemease, but she’s married. However, we do know her birth name is Pathan and that she has a partner. The presenter, on the other hand, has recently spoken about her spouse in an interview. She said that he encourages her work and is someone she can count on in times of uncertainty, according to the Daily Mail.

Discussing how she got into broadcasting, she added: “And I was on the verge of deciding to go down a different road.”

Her background and career so far

Jaswal has presented numerous sports over the years. She is most recognized for her work on Channel 4’s global coverage of the Premier League, motorsports, and BDO Darts, as well as the BBC’s World Snooker Championships. She has also appeared on The Wright Show, as well as on Channel 5’s. She studied sociology and politics at Royal Holloway University in West London, where she still resides today.

After university, she worked at Sky Sports News for a year, which allowed her to see what it was like behind the camera.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life before that,” she remarked in the Daily Mail.

Seema has her first live broadcast at a major tournament this summer, covering the 2020 European Championship as a reporter for ITV.

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Despite the excitement, she’s wary of online trolls

When she was offered the ITV presenting position, Jaswal was ecstatic.

She is, however, fully aware of the hurdles that women face in a male-dominated industry, as indicated by her remarks to the Evening Standard.

She told the Standard: “It’s terrible to say, but I’ve been fortunate not to have been trolled on the internet. That is my platform that has shielded me; I’ve been rather safe; I’ve had no other than love and support. Perhaps a few nasty things here and there, nothing more than indication that I’d been trolled.


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