Who Is Tose Page: Rege Jean Page’s Brother


Tose Page is the only brother of British actor Rege Jean Page, who will appear in a film titled Dungeons and Dragons. Let’s learn more about him. Tose Page is gaining attention lately due to his friendship with actor Rege Jean Page.

He has been living a disconnected existence, since nothing about him is available on the internet or in physical form. Who Is Tose Page: Rege Jean Page’s Brother.

Rege Jean Page Brother: Tose Page

Tose Page is the second of two brothers, both of whom are actors. Rege Jean Page, the younger brother, recently gained great popularity after appearing in Netflix’s historical drama series Bridgerton.

He also used to sing and play the drums in a band that he formed with his brother when he was a teenager. The Page brothers have recently established a musical duo known as TUNYA. They created music for the short film called “Don’t Wait,” directed by Lanre Malaolu, as a duet.

Tose Pages Age Wikipedia

Tose Page does not yet have a Wikipedia page, but his brother Rege has been featured on the internet. The information about his birthdate is unavailable, although it is known that he is the oldest of his parents’ two sons. Tose is of Zimbabwean heritage, according to his brothers’ Wikipedia article.

Marley’s origins are also a mystery, since it is difficult to determine whether he was born in Zimbabwe or England. Because he has not yet made any formal public appearances, there isn’t much information available about him.

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Tose Pages Net Worth

Tose Page’s net worth is difficult to determine since he has not appeared on the internet via any platform. He may be relatively new to the entertainment sector and have little or no money.

The musical short film may have paid him a lot of money, since it was known that he was interested in music. Furthermore, because he has a close relationship with his brother, he may be involved in major ventures with him in the future.

Tose Pages Parents & Wife

To date, Tose Page has never spoken about his parents or wife personally, but the information on his brothers Wikipedia page can be found. He was brought up by his mother, a nurse from Zimbabwe, and his father, an Anglican priest from England.

He is the oldest member of Tose’s family and has two brothers, which he refers to as his “little brothers.”

Although he hasn’t mentioned much about his family, it’s known that their parents had four children together. Also, whether Tose is single or married isn’t clear since he may be more concerned with his career than a partner.

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